Mattermost v8.0

Expanding the Mattermost ecosystem with new partnerships and integrations

As the operational hub for defense, government and technology enterprises, Mattermost is committed to connecting technical organizations and their people, processes, and tools for mission-critical work. 

Mattermost v8.0 is focused on increasing your team’s operational efficiency, expanding our ecosystem, and improving our platform.

We’re continuing to listen to and adapt to the priorities of enterprise customers, streamlining our platform to focus on quality and performance while renewing our commitment to a broad ecosystem of integrations and applications. 

To support the technical and operational teams that depend on Mattermost, we’re making it easier and faster to get your most critical work done. Whether it’s building workflows, using third-party tools, or even connecting your own tools, the power and potential of the Mattermost ecosystem is here to serve your needs. 

To aid you in the quest for collaborative success, Mattermost is dedicated to training and empowering users to get the most out of the tools they use every day. Let’s take a tour through what to expect in Mattermost 8.0 and beyond.

Unlock the potential of AI in secure environments with private cloud LLMs, Azure AI, and OpenAI integrations

Every organization is racing to redefine their competitive advantage in the age of AI while also maintaining safety and trust standards. To prepare you for the future of AI-enhanced work, we’re announcing OpenOps as a sandbox to evaluate and develop AI-enhanced chat collaboration workflows for strict security environments. 

Mattermost doesn’t develop or fine-tune its own models. Instead, we’re providing the OpenOps framework to integrate with private cloud large language models (LLMs), Azure AI, and OpenAI models to embed generative AI assistance in collaborative workflows and automation. OpenOps speeds development of data privacy, compliance, and workflow automation with AI from early evaluation to future scale. 

Use generative AI in Mattermost v8.0.
Increase efficiency and awareness by concisely summarizing long discussions using generative AI from GPT-4.

Learn more about OpenOps and get started today.

Extend Microsoft Teams for technical organizations

The types of collaboration we do every day can differ from team to team. To get the best of both technical and non-technical collaboration, we’re extending our integration with the Microsoft 365 platform with a new embedded experience directly inside Microsoft Teams, as well as our updated MS Teams Plugin. 

Technical and operational teams need specialized tools, but they also need to stay connected to the rest of your organization. This embedded integration allows teams to leverage the value of both platforms, seamlessly bridging the gap between general collaboration tools and technical systems. 

By extending directly into the Teams interface, Mattermost ensures that technical organizations can adapt and thrive in today’s fast-paced, interconnected business landscape. With Mattermost, engineers and specialized teams can employ their domain-specific Dev/Sec/Ops tools, organically extending the Mattermost operational hub to fit their needs. 

Get started with Mattermost for Microsoft Teams.

Connect to technical teams, tools and processes in Mattermost through the Microsoft Teams desktop application using an all new embedded experience.

Bring ChatOps to the Atlassian Suite in strict security environments

Deploy Mattermost behind your firewall with the Atlassian Suite for ChatOps workflows across Jira, Confluence and Dev/Sec/Ops tooling. We’re excited to share that the Mattermost-Atlassian ecosystem continues to expand globally for defense, government and technology organizations.

In the U.S., Atlassian Platinum Partner Contegix now offers options for deploying Mattermost, Jira, and Confluence in IL4 environments for U.S. Department of Defense customers.

For the Australian public sector, Atlassian Gold Partner Togetha Group now offers Mattermost, Jira, Confluence, and Jira Service Management (formerly Jira Service Desk) deployment under the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Agency’s programs.

Learn more about Mattermost for Atlassian Suite.

Mattermost for Atlassian Suite
It’s easier than ever for government customers around the world to deploy Mattermost behind their firewall with Atlassian Suite for integrated ChatOps workflows in Dev/Sec/Ops organizations

Boost performance and efficiency with PostgreSQL 

Mattermost 8.0 places a strong emphasis on enhancing the core messaging user experience. Key features utilized by teams daily — including collapsed reply threads and search — have undergone quality improvements. These enhancements not only boost performance but also make Mattermost more intuitive and user-friendly. We will be continuing with performance enhancements with an emphasis on scaling the server to several tens of thousands of users over the next year, supported by a Small Business Innovation Research award recently won in partnership from the U.S. Department of Defense. 

To simplify management and scalability challenges, Mattermost 8.0 recommends deploying PostgreSQL over MySQL. This shift not only leverages the built-in disaster recovery benefits of PostgreSQL but also improves overall platform performance. Other performance-boosting changes have been implemented, such as removing Insights.

Accelerate your team’s success with new end-user training 

We know that effective onboarding and training helps users get the most out of any tool. That’s why we’re introducing 9 new training modules dedicated to educating users on the key components of the Mattermost platform and an additional 10 new use case modules tackling technical scenarios within DevOps, Security Ops, and incident management. These training resources help users maximize their productivity and drive efficient collaboration within their organizations.

Explore the Mattermost Academy.

Speed the onboarding and adoption of new Mattermost users with updated self-service training.

Learn more about Mattermost 8.0

From streamlining management and scalability to delivering a superior user experience and comprehensive training resources, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing collaboration for technical organizations worldwide. We’d like to extend a massive thanks to the incredible Mattermost community that continues to innovate, impress, and inspire us. You make our thriving ecosystem of possibilities, well… possible! 

For a full list of changes included in Mattermost 8.0, including various deprecations, please check out our changelog. Please review our important upgrade notes before upgrading.


Katie Wiersgalla is the Senior Product Manager at Mattermost, Inc. who has a history of driving agile transformation at software companies. Previously, she led product teams at Authenticom, Inc., holding several positions there, including VP of Product. Katie earned a bachelor's degree from Viterbo University, where she graduated magna cum laude.