Mattermost Wants to Buy Pizza for Your Meetup Group

Are you part of a technology meetup group that talks about open source technologies, Kubernetes, Go, React/React Native, cloud architecture, DevOps, CI/CD, or other related topics? Mattermost wants to sponsor your in-person meetups and put some pizza on the table! 🍕

All you have to do is give us a shoutout with a picture on social media and show a few slides about Mattermost that we’ll provide to you. Interested in the offer? Just follow the steps below to fill out a form and we’ll be in touch soon from there to hammer out the logistics. 🔨

“What’s in it for Mattermost?”

Community events are the lifeblood of open source technology, and the organizers who make them possible are nothing short of heroes. It can be staggeringly difficult to organize and maintain a successful tech meetup group, which often comes at a great expense of both time and money. 💸

  1. We get to connect with new groups across the world, learn about their projects and interests, and provide resources to foster and grow the technologies we all share and use.
  2. We can spread awareness about the Mattermost platform and how it can help technical and operational teams collaborate and be more efficient.
  3. We can educate and empower developers to create tooling, plugins, and apps for the Mattermost platform.
  4. We are able to meet new folks with new perspectives and offer an open source community to support them.

“What’s in it for me?”

  1. Pizza, snacks, and other brain fuel 🧠
  2. Probably other swag, too! 🧦
  3. A direct connection to the open source community here at Mattermost via our DevRel organization 🤓

“What kind of group does Mattermost want to sponsor?”

We’re interested in sponsoring a wide range of meetups that support open source communities and topics. Check out the list below for the kinds of groups we’d most like to work with, but keep in mind that this list isn’t exhaustive! If you’re not sure if your group qualifies, reach out anyways and get in touch! 

  • Open source technology
  • Security
  • Golang
  • DevOps/DevSecOps
  • Cloud-Native technology, e.g. Kubernetes/containerization

“How does it work?”

  1. Read our reimbursement rules
  2. Submit this form at least 3 weeks before your desired meetup date.
  3. You’ll be contacted about the decision within 2 weeks:
    1. If we’re unable to sponsor your group, we’ll notify why and provide any resources or direction we can to assist you moving forward
    2. If your group meets our criteria, we’ll approve the request and provide you with some slides to show before your next meeting
  4. At the event, take a picture of your group in front of the slides and post it on social media (Twitter or LinkedIn preferred) – and be sure to tag us @Mattermost
  5. Send it back to us with a photo and a link to your post on social media within 30 days.

From there, if both Mattermost and the meetup want to continue working together, we’ll work out a schedule to sponsor more of your meetups moving forward. Interested in inviting one of our engineers to give a presentation or participating in the event? We’d love to expand our relationship with eligible groups and provide even more resources!

So what are you waiting for? Your meetup is hungry! 😋

Andrew Zigler is a developer advocate at Mattermost and public speaker at the intersection of AI and open source technologies. After studying Classics at The University of Texas at Austin and later teaching English in Japan, he continues to champion career and technical education for his audience.