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Passively track keywords in Mattermost

Tracking keywords enables users to stay on top of relevant topics, discussions, and text from incoming webhooks happening across teams and different channels. 

However, some keywords do not warrant a high-signal “heads up” in the form of triggering a notification sound every time a keyword is mentioned.

Starting with Mattermost v9.2 (Professional or Enterprise license required), users can declare keywords and phrases to passively track. These keywords and phrases will be highlighted in channels, direct messages, and group messages — all without triggering any notifications.

track keywords passively in Mattermost

Those who have used IRC before will find this feature familiar.

Passively tracking keywords: Frequently asked questions

Will I continue having the ability to be notified of keywords on top of passively tracking keywords?

Yes. Actively tracking keywords by triggering a notification each time keywords are mentioned continues to exist as a feature. Passively tracking keywords is a new addition and a separate feature.

Will the keywords I wish to passively track be highlighted retroactively?

Yes. Your message history will have the keywords you choose to passively track be highlighted moving forward on an ongoing basis. Past mentions of the keyword(s) will also be captured.

track keywords

What happens if I no longer wish to passively track a keyword?

You can remove the keyword in your Settings. Once removed, the specific keyword will no longer be highlighted.

track keywords

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John is a Senior Product Manager at Mattermost.