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What Matters, Episode 23: Docathon 2021 with Carrie Warner

Understanding how something works is a cornerstone to successfully contributing to any project. In this episode of What Matters, we’re diving into all-things documentation, from why product docs are so important to how teams can make theirs better.

What Matters, Episode 23: Docathon 2021

PJ sits down with Mattermost’s Senior Technical Writer, Carrie Warner, to talk about her passion for creating useful documentation and helping people understand technology. We also get into the Mattermost Docathon 2021, a hackathon specifically focused on docs.

In Open Source News, Ben Lloyd Pearson chats with us about the Tidelift Open Source Maintainer Survey and lets us know how to get involved.

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What Matters is a bi-weekly podcast from the folks at Mattermost where we take a look at all the things we enjoy about the communities we are a part of — open source, ChatOps, DevOps, Go, and everything in between — and distill it into a podcast hosted by Senior Developer Advocate PJ Hagerty. Reach out and let us know what topics, guests, and other ideas you have for the show!

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