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What’s the difference between the Mattermost and Slack Jenkins integration?

Did you know that you can accelerate DevOps workflows in Mattermost using our Jenkins integration

Jenkins is the world’s leading DevOps orchestration and continuous delivery tool. It’s used by more than 1 million people, including the Mattermost team. 

At Mattermost, our focus is on helping DevOps teams work faster together, and that’s exactly what our deep two-way integration between Mattermost and Jenkins does.

By extending Mattermost with our Jenkins integration, your team will enjoy:

  • Improved collaboration. Keep your team in sync with your latest build by automatically routing notifications to specific Mattermost Channels to display information about when builds start, whether they’re successful, or if exceptions occurred.
  • Increased productivity. Start Jenkins job builds and get logs and artifacts—all without leaving the Mattermost platform.
  • Centralized workflows. Consolidate builds into one channel to keep a timeline of key Jenkins builds in one place and avoid hunting across builds. 

Integrating Mattermost with Jenkins lets you keep your whole DevOps team on top of recent builds and any failures that may occur. With the Mattermost Jenkins plugin, control over Jenkins functions is always at the fingertips of your entire DevOps team.

By using the Mattermost Jenkins integration, your team will spend less time switching over to Jenkins, logging in, and finishing builds. 

And instead of having to deal with email notifications that are bundled together, the integration also lets you automatically route updates to contextual channels (e.g., “Build Features” and “Recent Failures”). As a result, users are no longer overwhelmed by Jenkins notifications that aren’t relevant to their work.

How do the Mattermost and Slack Jenkins integrations compare?

Like Mattermost, Slack also offers a Jenkins integration. 

To give you a better idea of how you can extend both Mattermost and Slack with each platform’s Jenkins plugin, we put together this handy chart that compares both integrations:

Notify a channel of Jenkins build
status changes
Initiate a build from chatNoYes
Check the log of a Jenkins build NoYes
Create a new Jenkins jobNoYes
Display Jenkins build artifacts NoYes
Manage Jenkins servers (Restart,
Enable/Disable jobs)
No Yes

As you can see, DevOps team can unlock several additional productivity benefits with the Mattermost Jenkins integration.

See you at DevOps World/Jenkins World 2019!

The Mattermost team will be on hand at DevOps World/Jenkins World 2019, which is taking place in San Francisco Aug. 12–Aug. 15.

If you’ll be there, stop by our booth to learn how your DevOps team can use Mattermost and Jenkins together to get more done in less time. We’ll also be giving out these nifty stickers:

Jenkins integration

For more information on our Jenkins integration as well as other CI/CD tools you can use with Mattermost—like GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket—head over to our docs

While you’re at it, you can also browse our Integrations Directory to explore more than 100 other ways to extend Mattermost.

See you in San Francisco!

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