Mattermost v9.0

New secure collaboration solutions in AI, Dev/Sec/ChatOps, and Zero Trust from Mattermost partners

In Mattermost v9.0, secure, purpose-built collaboration allows your team to focus and thrive. 

Whether delivered in high-security infrastructure, deployed to the edge, or interconnecting every aspect of your digital landscape, our partner community can help your enterprise leverage the Mattermost secure collaboration hub. Their services include not only streamlining deployment and optimizing for scale but also innovating and extending the platform to put your unique needs first. 

For that reason, we’re excited to announce a new wave of partner-led solutions including:

In addition, this new release also includes upgrades designed to improve your organization’s core collaboration experience.

Dev/Sec/ChatOps in strict security environments with Jira, Confluence, and Mattermost

Accelerate mission-critical workflows that keep your team aligned and your data secure on the Mattermost and Atlassian platforms. 

Contegix, an Atlassian Platinum Solutions provider and Government Verified Partner, recently announced the launch of its FedRAMP high platform including Mattermost deployments inside of the U.S. Department of Defense. This solution allows federal agencies to seamlessly migrate their Jira and Confluence content for continued use of Atlassian tools with minimal disruption while supporting the Atlassian Marketplace apps that are critical to government agencies. 

Mattermost unifies this information together as one secure collaboration hub. Read the Atlassian Space Force case study to learn more.

Space Force

“In collaboration with Atlassian Solution Partners Contegix and Silicon Mountain Technologies (SMT), the USSF created an award-winning, highly tailored Launch Issue Tracker and Launch Verification Database using the foundation of Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Confluence, along with Mattermost. Leveraging the capabilities built into Jira Software and Confluence, the team reduced development time and the high costs associated with building and maintaining custom software.”

Learn more about Mattermost for Atlassian Suite.

Air-gapped, edge-ready generative AI with Defense Unicorns’ LeapfrogAI

Traditional AI services face connectivity and security challenges that are too inflexible for your organization’s needs. Using LeapfrogAI and Mattermost, you can deploy and utilize local GenAI models in edge, air-gapped, and zero-trust environments. 

Designed for egress-limited environments, LeapfrogAI bridges the gap between resource-constrained environments and the growing demand for sophisticated local AI solutions.

As an open source large language model (LLM) server, LeapfrogAI can serve as a component of the Mattermost OpenOps sandbox, enabling teams to responsibly test and vet capabilities before applying generative AI to workflows in secure environments. LeapfrogAI also features vector database support.

Mattermost v9.0 LeapfrogAI

The LeapfrogAI open source project is sponsored by Defense Unicorns, SOSi, and the U.S. Air Force, Space Force, and Navy.

Learn more about the LeapfrogAI open source project.

AI-accelerated collaboration

In mission-critical environments, there’s no time to struggle with the adoption of AI alongside your critical data and tools. 

Uplevel your organization’s AI capabilities with Mobius Logic, a leading AI solutions innovator serving some of the world’s most sensitive industries. In their partnership with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Mobius Logic leverages best-in-breed tools like Mattermost to solve an organization’s logistical challenges in any domain.

Additionally, Mattermost partner Mobius Logic has enhanced the MS Teams Plugin for the Microsoft 365 platform by embedding Mattermost directly inside Microsoft Teams. ​​Engineers and specialized teams using Microsoft can deploy their domain-specific Dev/Sec/Ops and AI tools within Mattermost with greater ease and flexibility thanks to this innovation from Mobius Logic.

Mattermost for Microsoft Teams enables you to collaborate with technical and operations teams seamlessly through the Mattermost app — without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Get started with Mattermost for Microsoft Teams.

MLOps and secure federation with customer compliance

Defense and public sector organizations face the challenge of maintaining interoperable communication networks amid complex operational demands. Our partnership with SOS International (SOSi) enables the integration of advanced military-grade federation using XMPP. This ensures a secure and efficient communication channel tailored to meet the stringent demands of military operations in contested environments.

For large organizations, information overload and analysis paralysis are untenable in today’s cyber landscape. To facilitate the extraction of actionable insights from organizational data, Exovera, a subsidiary of SOSi, recently announced exoINSIGHT, “a ground-breaking new analytical platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled tools” to extract insights from open source publicly and commercially available information. With exoINSIGHT, organizations can implement machine learning ops (MLOps) and effectively manage AI and LLMs at scale.


“[ExoINSIGHT] also enables users to ingest and integrate information pulled from other external data sources into a common data fabric environment.”

Read the exoINSIGHT announcement from Exovera.

Improving your organization’s core collaboration experience

Collaboration succeeds with focus and intention. To optimize the core platform experience, we are reinforcing the fundamentals to ensure Mattermost continues being resilient, stable, and best-in-breed for mission-critical operations.

With the Mattermost v9.0 release, the Boards plugin is no longer bundled with Mattermost and will be continued as a community-supported plugin moving forward. Additionally, other plugins will be moving to community support. The Mattermost organization will continue to actively maintain the Jira, GitHub, GitLab, ServiceNow, MS Teams Plugin, Calls, and Zoom plugins.

While useful for limited use cases, project management is commonly solved with a leading tool like Jira, for which Mattermost has a widely used plugin. In many cases, the problem solved by Boards could be better solved by Mattermost’s built-in Playbooks functionality

Interested in learning how? Reach out to our Product team for a consultation.

To ensure a smooth transition in the near future, we are actively communicating with customers about the anticipated deprecation of MySQL in version 11.0, which will occur three major versions from the 8.0 release when the change was initially announced. A migration guide is available here to help you prepare for this change. For more information about product changes, please see this forum post.

Mattermost plugins

For a full list of changes included in Mattermost v9.0, including features deprecated from the default installation, please read the changelog before upgrading.

Thank you!

To our amazing community of contributors and partners, we want to express our immense gratitude. Your efforts have been instrumental in creating this thriving ecosystem, and we’re just getting started with Mattermost v9.0. 

Next month, we’ll be celebrating Hacktoberfest here at Mattermost and there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved. Whether you’re looking to contribute to your first project or you’re an open source pro, Mattermost has pathways for code, documentation, QA, and translation contributions. Be sure to snag your limited swag while it lasts!

Stay tuned for our next round of partner solution demos and announcements. Until then, happy collaborating!


Katie Wiersgalla is the Senior Product Manager at Mattermost, Inc. who has a history of driving agile transformation at software companies. Previously, she led product teams at Authenticom, Inc., holding several positions there, including VP of Product. Katie earned a bachelor's degree from Viterbo University, where she graduated magna cum laude.