Getting Help with Mattermost

This page summarizes the many ways to get help with installing,
deploying and running Mattermost.

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    Troubleshooting for all editions of Mattermost:

    Web search

    As a popular product, the fastest way to solve a problem is often searching for an error message along with the word “Mattermost”

    Troubleshooting Forum

    Search our troubleshooting forum and post a new topic if your issue is not covered.


    Search our extensive product documentation. You can propose edits to any page using the Edit button in the top right corner.


    For Japanese speakers, search and read dozens of Mattermost articles on Qiita

    Peer-to-peer help on IRC

    Available from #mattermost on freenode

    Peer-to-peer help Mattermost channel

    You can also join the peer-to-peer help channel on the Mattermost pre-release server to ask questions to other community members in Mattermost.

    Troubleshooting for all editions of Mattermost:

    Commercial Support

    For customers of Mattermost Enterprise Edition commercial support is available.

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    Bug Reports

    Search for existing bug reports or file new ones using our GitHub procedure.

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    Feature Proposals

    Create, upvote and discuss feature proposals using our feature proposal forum.

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    To learn about all the ways you can contribute to the Mattermost open source project, please read our contributors overview.

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    Planned Features

    To learn more about plans for future releases, please see our product direction page.

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    General Questions

    Please search and post to the Mattermost General Forum for any questions that aren’t covered by above systems.