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Bitbucket is a code repository for development teams made by Atlassian


Code repositories play an important role in the development process and DevOps teams rely on them to collaborate effectively across timezones, and ensure it’s clear what each team member is responsible for.  With code check-ins, reviews, comments and mentions – it can get overwhelming to deal with notifications and focusing on the required work at hand.  Mattermost’s Bitbucket plugin helps to bring key aspects of the development process into the conversation that happens in all development teams.



  • Daily reminders: The first time you log in to Mattermost each day, get a post letting you know what issues and pull requests need your attention.
  • Notifications: Get a direct message in Mattermost when someone mentions you, requests your review, comments on, or modifies one of your pull requests/issues, or assigns you on Bitbucket.
  • Message actions: Create a Bitbucket issue from a post or attach a post message to an issue.
  • Sidebar buttons: Stay up-to-date with how many reviews, assignments, and open pull requests you have with buttons in the Mattermost sidebar.
  • Slash commands: Interact with the Bitbucket plugin using the /bitbucket slash command.


Will this work with Bitbucket Datacenter or Server?

No, this plugin only works with Bitbucket Cloud edition.





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