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CircleCI is a modern continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform.


The CircleCI Enterprise solution is installable inside a private cloud or data center and this integration makes it easier for developers to manage their pipelines in CircleCI without leaving Mattermost.

CircleCI users often need to context switch between systems to advance a step or check on the status of a build via email notifications which can get lost, leading to delays in testing and release dates. Developers may need to forward or remind team members of a new build that is waiting to be tested or released to production in time-sensitive environments where delays can be costly when trying to fix a production system issue.

At an organization with established development teams, the build pipeline is a critical resource for the whole team and can impact the efficiency of multiple members. Automating the build and following tasks like QA for testing and DevOps who release the code can lead to faster deployment of features and better co-ordination between teams by using Mattermost to discuss CircleCi build issues. Also, developers can be notified when there is a build failure or approve build requests directly from within Mattermost, saving time and reducing context switching.

Once connected, users have access to the following features:

  • Pipeline and workflow management – Developers can retrieve information about pipelines or workflows or easily trigger new ones.
  • Workflows notification – Receive workflow notifications directly in your Mattermost channel, including their status. A developer can receive additional notifications for held workflows and approve them directly from the Mattermost channel.
  • Slash commands – Interact with the CircleCI plugin using the /circleci slash command. Set CircleCI environment variables directly from Mattermost.

To get started in your existing Mattermost workspace, login as an administrator, go to the Plugin Marketplace and click “install” on the “CircleCI” plugin listed. After a System Admin has configured the CircleCI plugin, run /circleci account connect in a Mattermost channel to connect your own Mattermost and CircleCI accounts so you can start builds from the chatline.


/circleci subscription
/circleci default
/circleci insight workflows
/circleci pipeline
/circleci project


How does the plugin save user data for each connected CircleCI user?

CircleCI user tokens are AES encrypted with an At Rest Encryption Key configured in the plugin’s settings page. Once encrypted, the tokens are saved in the PluginKeyValueStore table in your Mattermost database.




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