Jira Plugin

by Mattermost

Create Jira tickets from messages in Mattermost, get notified of important updates in Jira


Jira is a project management tool used for issues and bugs tracking system. It is widely used as an issue-tracking tool for all types of development teams for planning, development and testing of a product’s features.  Mattermost is a collaboration solution that makes it easy for software development teams to rapidly create and ship software, as a team.

The Jira Plugin for Mattermost brings the most common functions from Jira to your fingertips in Mattermost with Slash commands and easy ways to create new tickets.

With Jira for Mattermost your team can:

  • Create Jira tickets directly from within Mattermost
  • Transition tickets to different states
  • Assign Jira issues to others
  • Subscribe to Jira ticket changes and get notified in channels
  • JirBot to notify users of mentions and assignments
  • Attach Mattermost messages to existing Jira issues

Each user in Mattermost is connected with their own personal Jira account and notifications for issues where someone is mentioned or assigned an issue is mentioned in your own personal Jira notification bot to help everyone stay on top of their assigned issues.

To get Started: login to Mattermost, go to the Marketplace and click “Install” next to the Jira listing and follow the instructions.


/jira connect
/jira assign
/jira transition
/jira create
/jira subscribe

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