Mattermost Press Releases

May 6, 2024

Mattermost Playbooks Elevate Real-Time Cybersecurity Automation to Accelerate Compliance with New SEC & CISA Regulations

Streamline incident response and compliance with SEC and CISA disclosure requirements, safeguarding against cyber threats and minimizing disruptions.

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April 29, 2024

Mattermost Launches Strategic Integration with Parabol to Support AI-Accelerated Workflows Across Atlassian Jira and Azure AI, Enables Responsible AI for National Security Community

New plugin enhances operational efficiency and decision-making, sets new benchmark for secure, agile development across high security environments.

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March 19, 2024

Mattermost offers Self-Hosted, Kubernetes-based Skype for Business Replacement Compatible with Microsoft Teams and GDPR/Schrems II for European Enterprises

Mattermost’s self-sovereign collaboration platform helps European critical infrastructure organizations de-risk regulatory uncertainty from foreign-owned SaaS infrastructure.

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March 5, 2024

Mattermost Completes Contract with U.S. Air Force 618th Air Operations Center to Deliver Real-Time, Mission-Critical Communications

Company releases new Command and Control capabilities to support U.S. Air Force Next Generation Information Technology for Rapid Global Mobility.

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January 31, 2024

Secure SMS-alternative for national security organizations announced by Mattermost for joint-development to counter rising cyberthreats and malicious use of AI

Leading platform for mission-critical work aims to defend nation-state security organizations from increasing cyberthreats and malicious AI targeting SMS, WhatsApp and Signal users.

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January 9, 2024

Mattermost and goTenna Win Landmark Air Force SBIR Phase II Award to Operationalize Cutting-Edge Tactical ChatOps Function

Secure collaboration platform for technical team partners with mesh network to support low-bandwidth tactical ChatOps.

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January 4, 2024

Mattermost enhances self-sovereign Skype for Business alternative to address Schrems II requirements with connectivity to Pexip and Microsoft Teams

Leading platform for mission-critical work enhances voice, video and messaging options for self-hosted Skype for Business alternative through Pexip and Microsoft collaborations.

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November 28, 2023

Mattermost Joins World Economic Forum Global Innovators Community

Mattermost has been named a Global Innovator by the World Economic Forum, joining a cohort of companies committed to accelerating resilience and collaboration for critical infrastructure organizations around the world.

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October 24, 2023

Mattermost Integrates with Microsoft Azure and Mobius Logic to Create AI-Driven Collaboration Hub for Mission-Critical Work

Mattermost announces new solutions for accelerating mission-critical work with AI and large language model (LLM) technologies in collaboration with Microsoft and Mobius Logic. 

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June 28, 2023

Mattermost Introduces ‘OpenOps’ to Speed Responsible Evaluation of Generative AI Applied to Workflows

Mattermost announced the launch of OpenOps, an open source approach to accelerating the responsible evaluation of AI-enhanced workflows and usage policies while maintaining data control and avoiding vendor lock-in.

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May 3, 2023

Mattermost announces AI-Enhanced Secure Collaboration Platform to enable both innovation and data control for government and technology organizations

Mattermost today announced new solutions for Generative AI and ChatGPT to deliver AI-augmented communication and collaboration

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April 19, 2023

Mattermost and Ask Sage Partner to Enhance Collaboration and Decision Quality for U.S. Public Sector Teams through AI

Mattermost partners with AskSage to deliver real-time access to generative artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance decision quality, collaboration, and operational productivity.

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March 9, 2023

Mattermost announces “Mattermost for Microsoft Teams” to accelerate technical workflows on the Microsoft 365 Platform

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February 15, 2023

Mattermost announces “Mattermost Solutions for GitLab” to help DevSecOps organizations ship software faster

Mattermost launches Mattermost Solutions for GitLab to peed productivity and reduce risk in developer organizations needing to meet stringent data control and security requirements while accelerating innovation. 

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January 17, 2023

Mattermost Launches New ServiceNow and GitLab Integrations to Reduce Errors and Risk in Reliability Workflows

Mattermost announces integrations with industry leading digital workflow and DevOps platforms to reduce risk and increase productivity

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December 20, 2022

Mattermost Announces Appointments of New CFO and VP of Legal and Promotion of VP of Human Resources

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December 13, 2022

Mattermost Unveils New Software Developer Research Report: The 2023 Guide to Developer Productivity

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August 9, 2022

Mattermost Recognized for Customer Excellence Winning “2022 Best of Awards” from TrustRadius

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June 15, 2022

Mattermost Launches New Productivity and Workflow Management Solutions for Digital Operations Teams

Mattermost launches v7.0, with new open source productivity and workflow management solutions for developers including Calls, Apps Framework and workflow templates.

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