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Jun 17 – Remove t from utils and most components (#27274) … – hmhealey

Jun 17 – [MM-56074] mmctl job commands (#26855) * add job … – BenCookie95

Jun 17 – [MM-58315]: prepackage boards to v9.5+ (#27307) *… – Rajat-Dabade

Jun 17 – Translations update from Mattermost Weblate (#2737… – weblate

Jun 17 – [MM-58039] Enable errcheck linter for enterprise/s… – hanzei


Open source, now & always

In 2011, Mattermost was founded as SpinPunch, a developer of an HTML5 game engine. Over time, the messaging solution the team was using became increasingly frustrating. After deciding to move to a new solution only to find out they were locked into the vendor’s ecosystem, the company repurposed its in-game messaging tools into Mattermost. Since 2015, Mattermost has been building an open core platform supported by a vibrant community of tens of thousands of contributors spread out across the world.

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Why choose open source?


Protect your most important data with a self-hosted solution that sits behind your firewall and offers complete access to source code along with the ability to leverage an engaged global community of contributors for code reviews, bug fixes, and more.

Data Privacy

Keep sensitive data safe with a solution that gives you complete control over your data and offers advanced compliance auditing and reporting tools designed to help you meet the most sophisticated requirements.


Build the perfect tool for the job with a fully customizable solution that can be extended endlessly via plugins and integrations with the tools your team uses every day — like Jira, ServiceNow, GitLab, PagerDuty, Jenkins, Prometheus, and Grafana.

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Achieve complete data portability with a flexible platform you control that lets you seamlessly move your data anywhere you want, anytime you want.

Why and How to Contribute to Mattermost

There may be many reasons why you are motivated to contribute to Mattermost. You may have found a bug, you want to help with content, you have a new feature idea, or you want to practice your skills while giving back to the community. Below are some resources to help you get started!

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Mattermost Discussion Forums

Welcome to the Mattermost discussion forums! This site is for asynchronous discussion related to all versions of Mattermost and the Mattermost open source project.

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