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Mattermost 5.15: Deploy and manage Mattermost in Kubernetes, easier plugin installation in high availability servers, send voice messages, and more

Mattermost 5.15 ships with new features that will help your team get more done in less time: Deploy Mattermost using Kubernetes – manage Mattermost in Kubernetes with our new Mattermost Operator available on OperatorHub Install plugins in high availability clusters faster – streamline plugin deployment and management with a feature in Mattermost 5.14 that automatically …

Why Mattermost built a Kubernetes Operator

Mattermost is developing an “operator” that will enable you to install and manage Mattermost through simple commands that require only limited Kubernetes knowledge and significantly reduced IT overhead. …

Popular Slack Alternatives

Many organizations that operate in heavily regulated industries or have strict security and compliance requirements need a high-trust messaging option. …

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