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Get Paid to Write About Mattermost Playbooks

Mattermost Playbooks help software engineering teams orchestrate their work across all tools and teams to plan projects and hit milestones by uniting your tech stack through a single point of collaboration. We want to see how our community is leveraging Playbooks in their own tech stack and share your creations with everyone so the whole community benefits. We’re doing this by launching a new effort to commission original blog articles that show Playbooks in action.

To that end, as part of our community writing program, we’re now accepting submissions that demonstrate how to integrate Mattermost Playbooks into the software development lifecycle. We want to show off all of the ways our community is integrating Playbooks into their tech stack, including, but not limited to, the following tools:

  • CI/CD tools like Travis CI, Circle CI, and Jenkins to automate building, testing, and deploying code changes
  • Monitoring, alerting, and data collection services like Moogsoft, Datadog, and PagerDuty.
  • Cloud hosting services like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and Digital Ocean.
  • Project management software like Jira, Clubhouse, Asana, and Trello.
  • Code hosting, version control, and deployment orchestration tools like GitHub and GitLab.

The more technical the topic is, the better. We prefer content with real-world examples that shows how to integrate Mattermost with these tools via webhooks, APIs, and other integrations frameworks. Recommended topics include incident response, code review, and release management, but anything that is related to the software development lifecycle will be considered. The more technical the content, the better; show us how you’re automating your software development process. Read this guide to learn how to get started with Mattermost Playbooks.

We’re offering $350 to anyone who successfully publishes an article on this topic. Check out the Mattermost handbook for more details about how to participate in the community writing program. Here’s the submission form for once you’re ready to submit your idea.

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Ben Lloyd Pearson is the Director of Developer Marketing for Mattermost. He is a technology generalist who focuses his broad understanding to grow and engage developer audiences through digital media, open source advocacy, and events strategy and operations.