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Mattermost moves away from alternating release cycle

For the past few years, Mattermost has used a monthly “tick-tock” alternating release cycle. A tick-tock cycle refers to even-numbered releases (e.g., 5.26) containing new features, and odd-numbered releases (e.g., 5.27) containing only bug fixes and performance improvements.

As our product and team continue to evolve, we’re also making changes to the way we manage our release cycle. Moving forward, we will be moving away from this alternating release cycle in favor of a general monthly release.

Mattermost Team Edition and Enterprise Edition 5.31 on January 16th, which would have been a quality release, may now also include new features.

Why we’re moving away from an alternating release cycle

1) New features sooner –  New features are able to be released monthly instead of every other month, so you can take advantage of the newest functionality quickly and we can accelerate delivery of our planned features. 

2) Higher qualityEnd-to-end automated testing has greatly improved, giving us more confidence that all of our releases meet our bar for high-quality.

3) Cloud validated – Mattermost has adopted a Cloud-first release strategy, meaning features are first released to our Mattermost Cloud edition where any bugs and improvements can be found and addressed much quicker with a continuous release process.

For organizations who value stability over having the newest features and improvements, or who have a long internal testing and certification process to undergo when upgrading, Mattermost offers two releases every year as Extended Support Releases. Learn more about Extended Support Releases here.

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Amy Blais is the Release Manager at Mattermost, Inc. Her other roles include Community and Customer Support. She previously served as the company’s Associate Marketing Manager.