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What does the future hold for platform engineering? | The October 2022 Build

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What We Upvoted This Month

Open Source Projects to Watch

  1. GUAC | Open source supply chain security project
  2. Refine | Open source, headless React apps
  3. Meilisearch | Powerful, fast search engine for your apps and websites

Overheard at Mattermost: The Platformer

If Charity Majors’ article whets your appetite for platform engineering, check out Zef Hemel’s latest edition of The Platformer, subtitled “The Subtle Art Of Letting Things Blow Up In Your Face,” for a look under the hood at the Mattermost platform team.

Learn more about platform engineering in Zef's weekly newsletter, The Platformer

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Ashley Dotterweich is the Head of Content at Mattermost. Previously, she ran content marketing for Heavybit Industries and Rainforest QA.