Mattermost 4.10: Up to 90% faster first load times

We’ve officially released Mattermost 4.10 and there are several features we think you’ll like:

  • Faster load times – enjoy a smoother experience thanks to significantly faster loading times during start up and after refresh.
  • Convert channels to private – keep important discussions confidential by easily converting public channels into private channels.
  • Cleaner mobile experienceMattermost Mobile App 1.8 is packed with a number of performance improvements designed to increase team productivity.
  • Reminder: APIv4 replaces APIv3 – several months ago, we announced the deprecation of APIv3 and our move to APIv4. APIv3 will no longer be available in the upcoming Mattermost 5.x release and migration is required.

Try these new features by downloading Mattermost 4.10 today.

Thanks for all community contributions this month and in particular our 4.10 MVP, Siyuan Liu, who submitted a pull request that enables users and admins to make public channels private, bringing his lifetime contributions up to six. Thank you, Siyuan!

Faster load times for messages

Are you the kind of Mattermost user who is part of countless direct and group messages?

You’ll notice that loading times have accelerated significantly thanks to new performance improvements that load messages up to 90% faster than before after page refresh.

Make public channels private

If there’s a need to make public channels private, admins and team members can now do so by selecting the “Convert to Private Channel” option from the channel context menu.

It’s now even easier to keep privileged conversations confidential.

Download mobile images faster, reduce noise

We’ve also released our updated mobile app. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Images are downloaded and stored locally for better performance.
  • Muted channels are now supported on mobile.
  • Flagged posts and recent mentions are accessible via sidebar buttons.
  • Posts are separated by dates in the search view.
  • Deactivated users are filtered out of the channel members lists.

Learn about the rest of the mobile app improvements here.

Reminder: APIv4 replaces APIv3

Since July 2017, APIv4 has been the standard for integrating into Mattermost. APIv3 was deprecated in January 2018, and will no longer be available in the upcoming Mattermost 5.x release. Migration is required.

Thank you to our contributors

amyblais, AndersonWebStudio, antoineHC, asaadmahmood, Autre31415, cometkim, coreyhulen, cpanato, crspeller, csduarte, daanlevi, DSchalla, enahum, esethna, grundleborg, guydemi, hmhealey, icelander, iri-dw, it33, james-mm, jasonblais, jespino, jordanbuchman, jwilander, kethinov, koxen, lfbrock, lieut-data, lindalumitchell, lindy65, lisakycho, liusy182, Merlin2001, michaeltaylor-kerauno, mkraft, n1aba, pichouk, saturninoabril, stanchan, sudheerDev, tejasbubane, timconner, tomo667a, yuya-oc

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Lindsay Brock is the former Head of Product for Mattermost, Inc. Prior to joining Mattermost in January 2015, she served as a product manager for SpinPunch, a Y Combinator-backed online gaming startup. Lindsay is an alumnus of the University of Waterloo, where she earned a bachelor of applied science degree in engineering.