Mattermost Boards How-to: Meeting Agendas

Editor’s note: Boards is no longer part of the default Mattermost product offering, but is available as a plug-in.

Whether you’re scheduling a one-on-one or a company-wide meeting, or somewhere in between, you’ll want to make sure the meeting was productive for all attendees. With the “Meeting Agenda” template from Mattermost Boards, you and your team can come to every meeting prepared and leave the meeting with clarity.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to customize a pre-built Mattermost Boards template to create your own meeting agenda board. You’ll then be able to manage agenda topics and collaborate with your team members all from one centralized location. Each board will help your teams stay organized to run more effective meetings.

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About the Meeting Agenda template

meeting agenda template in Mattermost Boards

The “Meeting Agenda” template is designed to help you manage discussion topics for your meetings. All boards in Mattermost have the same set of features, but the built-in templates come with predefined properties, saved views, and example cards to help you get started quicker.

The “Meeting Agenda” template includes the following properties out of the box, and all of the default properties included in the template can be modified to fit your preferences.

  • Status – Queue up new discussion topics and archive old ones. Predefined values include: To Discuss, Revisit Later, and Done/Archived.
  • Priority – Determine what topics to focus on first by assigning a priority value of High, Medium, or Low.
  • Created By – Identify who added the topic so you know who will be speaking.
  • Created Time – Identify when the work item was added to the board.
meeting agenda ticket in Boards

How to use and modify the Meeting Agenda template

In Mattermost, navigate to Boards using the global menu in the upper left corner. Select the + icon at the top of the sidebar, then select “Create new board” to open the template picker. Select the “Meeting Agenda” template.

Once a board is created from the template in Mattermost, you’ll be able to start modifying it to suit your meeting. Start with the title and board description! Here are some other areas you might consider making changes:

  • Customize card properties by modifying the existing values or adding additional properties.
  • Add board members through the Share dialog so team members have access to your board. Be sure to give team members “Editor” access so they have permissions to add cards.
  • Link the board to a relevant channel and to your meeting invite so your team can quickly find and access the board.
  • Ask your team to queue topics prior to each meeting by adding new cards to the “To Discuss” column.
  • Take notes on each card during the meeting, and add action items if needed.
  • Move the card after your team is done discussing it to automatically update the status. If there is no further action needed on the topic, drag it to the “Done/Archived” column, otherwise move it to the “Revisit Later” column with clear action items listed on the card.

Get started with Boards 

Mattermost Boards is a powerful collaboration tool for any team. With Mattermost Boards, you have the full flexibility to create custom boards that fit your needs. Check out more ways to customize your board in our docs.

Ready to want to try out Boards for your next big meeting? Learn more about spinning up your own Mattermost environment to get started today.

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Winson Wu is a Senior Product Manager for Mattermost.