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Rounding out 2020: Mattermost Community Events

Over the course of 2020, Community events have changed. We’ve seen sweeping changes in everything from the way people get together online, to the way they interact, to the platforms they use to meet. Mattermost is a Community-driven company, and as such we continue to try to work and interact with our Community as much as we possibly can.

Recent meetups and events

In that vein, we’ve been working towards participating in events, webinars, meetups, and conferences as much as possible. In just the last few weeks, you could find someone from Mattermost at the following events:

Upcoming community events

All of these events have been amazing opportunities to speak to and with the people in our great Mattermost Community, but also the DevOps, Open Source, and general developer Communities. We look forward to some of the upcoming events later this year!

  • November 10th to 17th – Hacking from Home: A hackathon from Mattermost and Jitsi – Worldwide
  • November 14th – DevRel Asia – PJ will be speaking on how to talk to Communities – Asia/Pacific
  • November 25th – CMX Connect – Ipswich – PJ will be speaking on Community Building and Open Source – Ipswich, UK
  • December 2nd to 4th – Open Source Summit Japan – CTO Corey Hulen is speaking on Open Source – Tokyo, Japan
  • December 2nd to 4th – WebSummit – PJ will be hosting the Developer/DevOps track and speaking on Innovation in Open Source – Lisbon, Portugal

If you have an event or meetup you are interested in having Mattermost participate in, let us know at [email protected] We’re happy to be part of what matters most to you.


PJ is the founder of, a board member of Open Sourcing Mental Health (, and a Developer Relations Consultant to mattermost. Additionally, PJ is a developer, writer, speaker, and musician. He is known to travel the world speaking about programming and the way people think and interact. He can be reached at [email protected]