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Highlights from the spectacular Mattermost Hackathon

Mattermost Hackathon

Following the record-breaking Hacktoberfest that saw more than 200 contributions to Mattermost in October, we held a virtual hackathon November 22–26.

Over the five-day period, 45 members from our open source community, including contributors and staff, created amazing features and plugins for Mattermost. 

We were all impressed by the Mattermost Hackathon presentations last week—wow! It’s amazing to be part of such an innovative community, and many thanks to everyone who participated in the event. 

To learn more about what our community built, check out all Hackathon projects on GitHub or keep reading to see the highlights of the event.

Please note that the features and plugins listed below have not shipped with Mattermost, and may not. However, the product team is actively working with the submitters to scope remaining work and determine what makes sense to ship as a core feature or a certified plugin.


A new Google Calendar plugin for Mattermost routes notifications from Google Calendar to Mattermost, giving you the ability to receive and instantly reply to meeting requests.

Google Calendar plugin

The plugin also lets you create and delete calendar events from Mattermost. 

Google Calendar plugin

Additionally, you’re able to get upcoming calendar events and a summary of daily meetings.

Google Calendar plugin

Lastly, when you’re in a meeting, your Mattermost status automatically sets to “Do Not Disturb.”

Great work on this, Hossein Ahmadian-Yazdi

Other integrations that were created include:

Bamboo HR plugin for MattermostManage HR-related activities, such as onboarding and offboarding, in MattermostAllan Guwatudde
Calendar plugin powered by Cronofy for MattermostView upcoming events, reply to calendar invites, and update status based on current availabilityMichael Kochell
Circle CI plugin for Mattermost Send and receive build updates via Circle CI Chetanya Kandhari
Google Play reviews plugin for Mattermost Route app reviews directly into a Mattermost channel larkox
Grafana panels Integrate Grafana within Mattermost channels Mario de Frutos Dieguez
PowerShell script Automate posting messages via RESTful API Dan
ServiceNow plugin for Mattermost Receive and send updates via ServiceNowPradeep Murugesan
Steam plugin for Mattermost Compare games and get game stats Gabe Jackson
WebRTC plugin for Mattermost Start audio and video calls from MattermostNikhil Ranjan

Productivity Tools

Romain Maneschi created Matternelle, which enables your team to launch a fully featured live chat powered by Mattermost on any webpage!

Conversations that take place on the live chat are automatically sent to Mattermost where an agent can respond immediately to customer inquiries.


Another useful tool built during the hackathon was a to-do list in Mattermost.

Joram Wilander created another useful productivity tool: a To-Do plugin that allows you to add items to a to-do list from messages posted in Mattermost and keeps them in one place across all your teams and channels. 

To help you stay on top of your work, the plugin even sends you a daily reminder of your outstanding tasks.

To-do plugin

Other productivity tools that were created include:

Agenda plugin for Mattermost Build your agenda for meetings quicklyMaria Nunez
Air Quality Index (AQI) plugin for Mattermost Monitor air quality in different locations Harshil Sharma
File encryption plugin Provide symmetric encryption and decryption layers when uploading and downloading files Hilal Özdemir Pehlivan
Screen recording plugin Capture your screen and send the recording in Mattermost Claudio Costa
StopWords script Find occurrences of non-inclusive language in the Mattermost documentation Anindita Basu

Platform – Web and Desktop Apps

For the platform itself, Dean Whillier, Andrew Brown, and Eric Sethna teamed up to create a prototype of a new advanced text editor. This is handy for those not familiar with Markdown and want to quickly format their message with bold, italics, code blocks, or more.

Have feedback about the editor? Let us know in the public Advanced Text Editor channel.

Another great project gives users the ability to set custom statuses. By simply clicking on the status icon next to your profile picture, you can set custom text as your status along with an expiry time. Potential use cases for this feature include quickly indicating you’re sick, in meetings, or traveling to your team members. 

Awesome work on this, Md Zubair Ahmed!

Other platform projects for web and desktop apps included:

Clicking directly on post to view a thread Brad Coughlin
Custom system-wide themes Devin Binnie and Harrison Healey
Highlight threaded posts Jason Frerich and Michael Kochell
Localization of user interface via plugins Saturnino Abril
Moving a post to another channel Catalin Tomain
Mute individual users via plugin Eli Yukelzon
QT-based native shell for the webapp George Goldberg
Quick access to recent direct message channels Asaad Mahmood

Platform – Mobile Apps

One of the major mobile app highlights is voice message support on mobile. 

With a push of a button, you can quickly record a voice message on your phone and post it right in a Mattermost channel for others to listen and reply to.

Stunning work by both Elias Nahum and Miguel Alatzar!

Other platform projects for mobile apps included:

Combine teams and channels in the mobile drawer Sudheer Timmaraju
Quick access to attachments in Camera Roll app on mobile Claude Wild

Platform – Backend

There were also several hackathon projects focused on backend improvements for the Mattermost platform, including post query optimization, the start of an upgraded set of Mattermost plugin APIs, and full text search replacement with Bleeve.

Here’s the full list of backend platform projects:

Canary plugins Allow more than one version of a plugin to run in a high-availability cluster Shota Gvinepadze
Go Vet extension for Mattermost Run code quality checks, such as the inclusion of license statement at the top of a file and the usage of structured logging Jesús Espino
Optimizations for post table and query times Accelerate post and query timesPatryk Pomykalski
Plugin events supporting plugin-to-plugin communication Handle plugin to plugin communication in an easier way enolal826
Rework of Mattermost plugin API Improving the Mattermost plugin API Jesse Hallam, Ben Schumacher, Shota Gvinepadze, and İlker Göktuğ Öztürk
Search engine architecture with Bleeve Generalizing the search backend behind a search engine interface and moving search into a database layer Miguel de la Cruz and Jesús Espino

Fun Apps

And finally, it wouldn’t be a hackathon without fun and crazy ideas! 

Here are some of our favorites in this category, including a trivia plugin and a two-player game right in Mattermost!

Creepy cat plugin for Mattermost Get followed by a creepy cat as you move your cursor around Mattermost Eli Yukelzon
Rock-paper-scissors trivia plugin Enjoy a modern take on a classic game Ali Farooq
Trivia plugin Answer questions randomly picked by Shota Gvinepadze
Word by Word plugin for Mattermost Display messages in rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) format Allen Lai

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You can also stop by our contributors’ community channel to say hello and head over to GitHub and browse our open help wanted tickets.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the Mattermost Hackathon. We’ll see you next time!


Jason Blais is a Lead Product Manager at Mattermost, Inc. Prior to joining Mattermost, Jason served as a product manager and analytics manager for SpinPunch, a Y Combinator-backed online gaming startup. Jason has also provided statistical consultation at Stanford University. He is a University of Waterloo alumnus.