Mattermost October 2016: Slack & Discord integration, Lua, Facebook, BitBucket & Jira. Plus Russian coming soon

While Mattermost now releases 6 times a year, we’re keen to update you on what’s new and upcoming in the Mattermost community. This month:

  • New integrations with Slack, Discord, Gitter, XMPP, and IRC, plus Pager Duty and Hubot, Lua, BitBucket, Sentry, Facebook and Jira
  • Coming November 16 with Mattermost 3.5

Before we get into details, we should talk about an important event:


This month, by contributing to open source projects you can win yourself a Hacktoberfest T-shirt (thanks to Digital Ocean). Mattermost is participating in the event and you can qualify by making pull requests on specially marked Hacktoberfest issues in our GitHub repo. Projects so far include:

If you’re interested in participating, check out our open GitHub issues and the Mattermost Contributors community channel.

In other news:

New Apps, Installers and Integrations

Huge thanks to our top projects this month:

Connect to Slack, Discord, Gitter, XMPP and IRC to Mattermost

The magical Mattermost Matterbridge by 42wim now brings messages from Slack, Discord, Gitter, IRC and XMPP to your Mattermost server. Download the Matterbridge binary to get started, and join our community integrations channel to discuss more.

Find out “who’s on call” with Pager Duty-Hubot-Mattermost integration

Have an “on-call rotation” at work? Thanks to Christopher DeCairos at Mozilla you can now display the name of people in an “on-call” rotation in the header of a Mattermost channel through a Pager Duty Hubot integration for Mattermost, which is built on the Mattermost Hubot adapter from Andy Lo-A-Foe. Also check out Christopher’s work on Mattermost Heroku.


Mattermost-Lua bridge with Bitbucket and Sentry integration

A Mattermost-Lua bridge using the Openresty platform allows you to integrate Bitbucket and Sentry for Mattermost with an easy installation. Thanks Przemyslaw Kaminski for the wonderful work!

If you’d like to contribute and add more services via the Mattermost-Lua bridge, visit the GitHub project and join the Mattermost Integrations and Apps community channel to discuss.

Mattermost-Lua Graphic

Facebook integration for Mattermost

A new Facebook integration for Mattermost created by Łukasz Dziedziul allows you to easily send Facebook posts to Mattermost channels. Big thanks Łukasz!

Facebook Integration Graphic

Question2Answer Plugin for Mattermost

Many thanks to Andreas Scharf for creating a plugin for Question2Answer, which sends notifications to a Mattermost channel when new questions are posted. The notification includes the author, title and even lets you filter what tags or categories you want to be notified of.

Question2Answer Graphic

Jira connector for Mattermost

Zakhar Skorokhodov created a Jira webhook connector for Mattermost via Heroku, which lets you easily track issues in Jira. Thanks Zakhar!

Jira Webhook Graphic

Get involved

If you’ve built an integration, or are working on one, please join our Mattermost Installers and Images community channel or Mattermost Integrations and Apps community channel. We’d love to meet you and discuss your work!

When you’re ready to share your project, please let us know!

Coming Soon: Mattermost 3.5

Mattermost 3.5 ships November 16, 2016 with a host of upgrades:

Russian Language Translation

Thanks to dozens of community members, Russian will be the 11th language for Mattermost, bringing out software to 150-250 million speakers.

This is one of the final major languages to arrive in Mattermost and we’re excited to be completing the set.

Russian Example Screenshot

Improved Slack Import

Several improvements are included in the next release for importing from Slack, including support for:

  • Duplicate users
  • Join/Leave messages
  • Channel linking
  • /me messages
  • Slack channel topic and purpose
  • Comments on file uploads

Moreover, a new CLI command -slack_import supports import of a Slack export zip archive file.

Huge thanks to George Goldberg for working on many of these improvements! If you want to try George’s Slack Advanced Exporter, which supports an official Slack team export with file uploads, you can try the export tool here.

Stand-alone web server mode

Mattermost 3.5 features a “stand-alone web server” mode with auto-configuration of certificates via Let’s Encrypt.

This removes our NGINX dependency and gets us closer to making an Ubuntu/Debian package with seamless support for sudo apt-get install mattermost.

If you’d like to join an on-going discussion of making a standalone package for Mattermost, please join us on our Mattermost channel for Installers and Images.

Performance improvements

Mattermost 3.5 adds significant improvements for large organizations running on a single server, including:

  • Ability to download assets in parallel via HTTP2 support
  • Reduced CPU bottlenecks through optimized SQL queries
  • Improved support for 20,000 active users in the user interface through paging controls, server-side search and on-the-fly data loading that requests data as the client needs it
  • Added paging APIs for profiles, channels and user lists
  • Added client-scaling for auto-complete and status indicators
  • Added server-side in-memory caching to reduce DB reads/writes

Improvements were made through analysis conducted through a new Mattermost Load Test framework created to help optimize advanced deployments.

New Mattermost mobile apps in React Native and Redux

We’re working on new Mattermost mobile apps using React Native and Redux and are working to confirm that Mattermost 3.5 will have any additional APIs needed to ship the new apps.

If you’re interested in collaborating on the project, please join our Mattermost Native Apps discussion channel.

Stay tuned

Watch for our new announcement about Mattermost 3.5 for its November 16th, 2016 release. You can try a preview of the software as a release candidate on November 4th.

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful month. The Mattermost project is growing incredibly fast, and it’s all because of our community.

Thank you for all that you do!


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Enterprise Edition

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Jason Blais is a Lead Product Manager at Mattermost, Inc. Prior to joining Mattermost, Jason served as a product manager and analytics manager for SpinPunch, a Y Combinator-backed online gaming startup. Jason has also provided statistical consultation at Stanford University. He is a University of Waterloo alumnus.