Open source Slack-alternative for Azure Government Cloud via Bitnami Mattermost Team Edition Stack

With more and more news of high profile security breaches, it’s more important than ever to keep confidential communications within the safety of a private network.

Just as vital, secure communications systems must meet the needs of end users. If they don’t–if tools are confusing, inconvenient, or unnatural–then “Shadow IT” starts to form, as employees come up with tools to bypass protocols.

We’re excited today to announce a solution for organizations  facing this challenge: an easy-to-use, open source, team communication solution that deploys effortlessly on your existing private cloud infrastructure.

Bitnami Mattermost Team Edition Stack

It’s call the Bitnami Mattermost Team Edition Stack and it combines two breakthrough products:

Mattermost Team Edition – an open source, private cloud team communication solution created as an alternative to Slack and other proprietary SaaS services.

Mattermost offers competitive usability, with messaging across web, mobile and PC, with continuous archiving, instance search and the ability to integrate with hundreds of applications through extensive API, driver and webhook support, plus a vibrant community of 3rd party integrations. Its open source native apps for iOS and Android can be deployed with Enterprise Mobility Management suites, or modified however you like for your private network. Open source desktop apps for Windows, Linux and Mac let you deploy on networks inaccessible by web browsers.

Bitnami – an extensive library of installers, software packages and virtual appliances that now includes Mattermost among its extensive library. Bitnami automates deployments to your organization’s existing cloud provider’s account for all leading platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft AzureGoogle Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud Platform. If you’re in an enterprise data center, that may or may not connect to the internet, you can use Mattermost virtual machines for VMWare and Virtual Box. If you choose to run natively, Bitnami even has a native installer for Linux with Mattermost.

Azure Government Cloud

What’s particularly exciting is support for Azure Government Cloud, a private cloud platform from Microsoft offering a host of public sector certifications, including FedRAMP High & Moderate, DoD Impact Level 2 PA, DoD Impact Level 4 PA, DoD Impact Level 5 PA, ITAR, CJIS, 24 states, HIPAA, and IRS 1075.

Mattermost is a perfect match for government use, as its messaging system is deliberately designed to offer a complete archive of communications, which includes storing all edits and deletes in the database–no information is ever lost.

Check out the Azure Gov Cloud Marketplace with your existing account to find Mattermost.


Jason Blais is a Lead Product Manager at Mattermost, Inc. Prior to joining Mattermost, Jason served as a product manager and analytics manager for SpinPunch, a Y Combinator-backed online gaming startup. Jason has also provided statistical consultation at Stanford University. He is a University of Waterloo alumnus.