Mattermost Enterprise Edition

Scalable collaboration software for enterprises

In our dynamic business world, enterprises face a number of complex challenges when it comes to supporting effective teamwork, ensuring data security, and staying compliant with ever-evolving regulations. 

As organizations continue to grow, so do their demands for efficient collaboration tools that can seamlessly adapt to changing requirements and scale effortlessly. 

In this post, we examine why enterprises need scalable collaboration software along with some of the key scalability features found in Mattermost Enterprise Edition.

Why do enterprises need scalable collaboration software?

The last thing any organization wants is to be held back by inflexible software that slows them down when they need to move rapidly. By investing in scalable collaboration solutions, enterprises get the peace of mind that comes with knowing their software can keep pace. But the benefits of scalable software don’t stop there.

Accommodate a growing user base

Scalable collaboration software is vital for enterprises as they expand. It ensures that the mission-critical platform they rely on can handle a growing number of users, teams, and partners. As more and more users are onboarded, scalable solutions can seamlessly accommodate them by increasing capacity, which prevents slowdowns or outages. As a result, enterprises can improve collaboration across the organization, serving new employees and remote team members without disruption.

Achieve cost-efficiency

In today’s economic climate, smart enterprises are always looking to invest their resources optimally to achieve cost-efficiency. By investing in scalable software solutions, enterprises can start with a modest software deployment and scale up as needed, eliminating extensive upfront investments. This scalability aligns expenses with actual usage, reducing waste and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Maintain optimal performance

Maximizing the investment in collaboration software is only possible when the platform operates as designed, even under heavy workloads. Scalable software solutions guarantee consistent responsiveness and optimal performance, ensuring that teams can collaborate seamlessly even when tens of thousands of concurrent users are on the platform. This, in turn, boosts productivity, keeps workers happy and engaged, and strengthens the overall work environment, since employees don’t get frustrated with mission-critical tools that don’t work. 

Improve organizational agility

Organizational agility is crucial for success in a rapidly changing business landscape. Scalable collaboration software empowers enterprises to pivot quickly and adapt to new challenges without any interruptions. Whether it’s onboarding new teams, responding to market shifts, or scaling to meet increased demand as focus changes, scalable solutions offer the flexibility needed to keep organizations agile, competitive, and resilient. 

Future-proof technology needs

By investing in scalable collaboration software, enterprises can future-proof their technology needs. As a result, they’re able to adapt to evolving communication and collaboration trends, integrating new features and capabilities seamlessly. This saves businesses from costly and disruptive migrations to new systems, ensuring that they can leverage the latest advancements without having to massively reconfigure their environments.

Reduce risk

Scalable collaboration software plays an important role in reducing risk and enhancing security and compliance within enterprises. By centralizing communication and file sharing, data is less fragmented, which reduces the risk of leaks and unauthorized access. At the same time, scalable software enables granular access controls, which can help administrators ensure that only authorized individuals are able to access sensitive data.

Additionally, scalable collaboration software facilitates real-time monitoring and audit trails, which improves compliance by ensuring enterprises have a comprehensive record of user activities. As organizations continue scaling, they can easily adapt to changing compliance requirements and ensure that regulatory standards are consistently met.

Mattermost Enterprise Edition: Scalability features

Mattermost Enterprise Edition equips enterprises with the tools they need to collaborate effectively. In addition to general collaboration features and integration capabilities, Enterprise Edition also delivers a number of scalability features, which we’ll examine in this section.

High availability cluster

Enterprise Edition customers get access to a high availability cluster, which enables a Mattermost instance to stay operational during outages and hardware failures through the use of redundant infrastructure. As a result, enterprises can protect themselves against costly downtime, protecting revenue and preserving operational resilience and agility.

Performance monitoring

Enterprise Edition also offers robust performance monitoring support via integrations with Prometheus and Grafana. These integrations enable enterprises to collect data from multiple Mattermost servers, which is particularly helpful for high-availability instances. By monitoring the performance of Mattermost, enterprises can detect and remediate issues before they spiral into large problems. 


Enterprises need to move as fast as they can, which is why Enterprise Edition ships with Elasticsearch. This enables users to search large volumes of data rapidly, in near-real time. As a result, users can find what they’re looking for quickly and continue their work unimpeded. Simply put, Elasticsearch gives enterprise-scale deployments optimized search while preventing performance degradation.

Standalone Calls server

Mattermost Calls is an audio and screensharing solution that enables teams to huddle up with the click of a button. Enterprise Edition customers can opt to deploy Calls on a standalone server using the rtcd service. By routing Calls traffic through a different server, enterprise customers can ensure that their Mattermost deployment maintains optimal performance, and they can also reduce costs by minimizing CPU usage increases.

Kubernetes support for Calls

The Calls plugin was built to integrate well with Kubrenetes, giving enterprise customers more scalability and control over the deployment.

What else is inside Mattermost Enterprise Edition?

In addition to these scalability features, Mattermost Enterprise Edition also includes tons of other capabilities designed specifically for organizations with complex security and compliance requirements that need an adaptable, resilient collaboration solution.

To learn more about what’s inside Mattermost Enterprise Edition, check this out.