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The February 2022 Build

The Build is a newsletter for software engineers dedicated to sharing useful technical content on effective development and collaboration techniques. In each release, we’ll share what we’re reading this month, open source projects we’re inspired by, and more news from the DevOps community.

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What We’ve Upvoted This Month

  1. Incidents happen – but if they must happen, why not turn them into learning experiences?  
  2. Kubernetes is one of the most popular open source projects right now — which makes security even more essential. Check out the best open source tools to secure your cluster.
  3. Google reports back from the White House OSS Security Summit with thoughts on what it will take to build a safer, more secure future for open source
  4. From better processes to a kinder culture, here’s what early-career developers need to thrive and grow professionally. 
  5. Tool fatigue slowing you down? Learn how teams are taking the work out of workflows with ChatOps

Open Source Projects Worth Checking Out 

  • DevToys – The “Swiss Army Knife for Developers” from Microsoft
  • Ripple – An Open API standard to enable hardware/software interoperability and grow general-purpose radar applications
  • vAPI – An educational sandbox to help developers learn about API security

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