Microsoft Teams Meetings Integration

by Third-party

Leverage MS teams Meeting's Video calling within Mattermost.


Many organizations are using MS Teams Meetings as an alternative for Zoom or Webex for business collaboration. Mattermost connects with Microsoft Azure to allow Teams Users to easily start and share a link to a new meeting with a single click.

Previously, Mattermost users may not login to Teams regularly, but do need to use MS Teams to start/create meetings within Teams, then copy that link and share with colleagues within a Mattermost channel to get a meeting started. This workflow can cause users to context switch more than necessary.

The new Teams plugin connects with the MS Teams API to create new meetings on demand and then sharing that join link to the mattermost channel automatically for other colleagues to join the new Teams Meeting easily.

The Microsoft Teams Meetings plugin is available in the Plugin Marketplace within Mattermost and requires adding an Azure application to your Active Directory Portal. Instructions for Microsoft Administrators are available and require very limited permissions.

Get started by reading the documentation here, and ask your Microsoft Administrator to create the Azure Application it will use for authentication. Installing and setting up the plugin with the values from the Microsoft Admin is straightforward and users can get started by clicking the “T” button in a channel to start a meeting.


Plugin Framework

This listing uses the plugin framework to integrate with Mattermost. Plugins have the power of extensive customizability and can tap into system functions. They reside on the Mattermost server itself, are written in Go and communicate with the server over an RPC based API.

Slash Commands

Slash commands allow you to complete an action with an app simply by sending a message in Mattermost. Type a / forward slash in any conversation to view a list of available slash commands.

MS Teams
/msteams start
MS Teams
/msteams help
MS Teams
/msteams connect
MS Teams
/msteams disconnect


Plugin Level Access – This plugin when installed on a Mattermost server has very powerful permissions and can act as an administrator on your workspace. However, all plugins on the Marketplace have been reviewed by the Mattermost development team and our Security team before they are published. For many plugins, the source code is available for review, and we cryptographically sign the plugin code that we publish to the marketplace.


Does a user need a MS Teams account to use this integration?

A user will need an MS teams account if they are using the plugin to start a meeting in a channel. When they first click the “Start MS Teams Meeting” buton, the system will prompt them to connect their MS Teams Account.

If someone is simply a member of a channel and clicks on the link to attend a meeting, they do not need to have an MS Teams account to attend.

Do MS Teams users get notified that they’ve been invited to a meeting?

No, the notification currently only goes out to members in the Mattermost channel when the “Start Meeting” button is clicked.





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