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Performance at Scale with Mattermost

In the world of workplace messaging, performance matters most. Unless your messaging platform can scale to support your entire organization, you will quickly end up with multiple siloed systems, creating artificial barriers between teams. At Mattermost, we set out to build a platform that supports the world’s largest enterprises. To do that, Mattermost needs to …

Mattermost 5.0: Intercept and modify posts, advanced permissions, longer posts and more

Mattermost 5.0 has new features designed to improve productivity while enhancing security: Intercept and modify posts – customize Mattermost by creating plugins to automatically restrict, modify, censor and link posts Advanced permissions – ensure everyone has the proper level of access with new system and team permissions schemes Longer posts – increase productivity with significantly longer messages and better …

Mattermost security update 4.10.1/4.9.4/4.8.2 released

We are releasing a recommended security update via Mattermost Team Edition 4.10.1/4.9.4/4.8.2 and Mattermost Enterprise Edition 4.10.1/4.9.4/4.8.2. This security update addresses a medium level vulnerability discovered during a security research review by Eric Sethna. Follow the standard upgrade instructions to apply the updates. Per the Mattermost Responsible Disclosure Policy, details of the update will be posted …

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