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Build better workflows: Announcing the Mattermost DevOps integration set

No matter what tools your team uses, more effective collaboration results from sharing information and context, being able to react quickly, and automating repetitive processes. Development teams move faster when they can consolidate information in one central hub and can reduce context switching by switching less between different tools.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Mattermost’s DevOps Integration Set is now available to help you connect your favorite tools to Mattermost.

The integrations in the DevOps Integration Set include:

The Mattermost team and community have been working hard to build and improve the integrations with some of the most popular DevOps tools, especially our new Jira and Jenkins plugins. 

The New Mattermost Jira Plugin

The new Jira plugin allows you to send notifications from Jira to Mattermost, create new issues, append messages from Mattermost to an existing issue, and transition issues using slash commands. 

For example, say a team member pings a channel about a potential issue. The team decides to add it to their sprint, so a team member creates an issue directly from Mattermost using either a slash command or by clicking “Create Jira Issue” from the Mattermost UI.

Create or attach a message to a Jira issue

Learn how to configure the plugin here.

The New Mattermost Jenkins Plugin

Another brand new plugin is the Jenkins plugin, which allows you to interact with jobs and builds with slash commands.  You can connect or disconnect with the Jenkins server, create, enable or trigger a Jenkins job, get artifacts or test results, and more.


Big thanks to community member Wasim Thabraze for working on this plugin!

To get details about the plugin and installation instructions head to GitHub.

Mattermost and Nagios Integration

Many Mattermost users use Nagios for monitoring, and find it useful to be able to receive Nagios notifications on Mattermost. The Nagios integration was built by Mattermost partner NDrive, and uses webhooks to send notifications to your Mattermost server.

To install and use the plugin, see GitHub.

These DevOps integrations maximize efficiency by bringing data into Mattermost, making information easier to find and act on. If you’re using any of the DevOps tools above, you should definitely try the Mattermost integrations out to see how they can help your team build more productive workflows. For details about how to enable the DevOps integrations, head to the docs.

Using one of these integrations and have feedback? Share it with us via the Mattermost Forum or suggest new features and enhancements on Mattermost’s User Voice site.

To see more of Mattermost’s hundreds of integrations, visit our Integration Directory.


Lauren Nguyen is the former Director of Product Marketing at Mattermost, Inc. Prior to Mattermost, Lauren ran product marketing at companies like Hustle, Pantheon, and Sauce Labs and is passionate about understanding and advocating for users. Lauren is an alumnus of Stanford University.