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GitHub Plugin 2.0 release

We’re excited to announce the release of GitHub Plugin version 2.0, which adds some new features that increase productivity and reduce the need to context switch between Mattermost and GitHub. As usual, our open source community members have played a key role in developing all of these features and I’d like to say “Thank You!” for their help. Our GitHub plugin is one of the most popular integrations on Mattermost and we use it every day as part of our development process.

You can get started with or upgrade the GitHub plugin by searching for “GitHub” in the Plugin Marketplace from the main menu in Mattermost.  

So, what’s new with the GitHub plugin?

Added slash command autocomplete assistance

Thanks to @NateWilliams2, the GitHub plugin now supports slash command autocomplete making it easier for users to use slash commands. Just type /github to get a full overview of the available commands and optional parameters.

github plugin slash commands

Muting users

In busy DevOps environments and open source communities, sometimes there are bots that generate notifications to your GitHub account. With the addition of muting, users can configure a list of GitHub users to be muted. All comments from these users will no longer trigger notifications. They are managed using the /github mute command. Thanks @nickmisasi for this handy contribution!

Improved ‘Create Issue’ modal

A commonly requested feature was adding the ability to select labels, assignees, and the milestone when creating an issue within Mattermost. Thanks to @utkuufuk for his help implementing this.

Display labels and assignee on new issues and PRs

We heard that Notifications for new issues and PRs didn’t have enough contextual info—so we now show the labels and assignees for each issue. Thanks @Szymongib for this feature! 

Tooltip Preview improvements

We recently added the ability to hover over any GitHub issue link in Mattermost and quickly see a preview of the issue’s description and labels. @fedealconada fixed up some theme mismatches and tooltips are now looking better than ever.

Note, This release contains two breaking changes from previous versions:

Enable Code Previews is now enabled for public repositories by default. System Admins can disable Code Previews in the System Console. Slash commands have been revamped. Subscriptions are managed via /github subscriptions. The old slash commands like /github subscribe` remain, but may be removed in a future release.

Learn more about Mattermost’s GitHub 2.0 plugin

For more information on configuring and using Mattermost’s GitHub plugin, read more here.


Aaron Rothschild is a senior product manager at Mattermost, Inc. who focuses on integrations and extensibility of the platform. Aaron brings more than 11 years of experience in B2B tech product management to the company. Prior to joining Mattermost, he held several different product management roles at companies like Likemoji, Influitive, Experticity, and Eloqua.