Mattermost 3.5 adds Russian language support, improves mobile and web performance and mor

We’re delighted to announce that Mattermost 3.5 is now available for download. It increases system performance, especially at scale. It’s also easier to install and there are significant enhancements for mobile apps. Plus, we are pleased to welcome Russian speakers to Mattermost, which is now available in 11 languages. Thanks to all who have contributed and in particular our Most Valuable Professional for Mattermost 3.5, Harshavardhana who added Minio support for Mattermost file storage.

In this new release you will find the following enhancements:

     Improved Performance on Mobile and Web
     Russian Language Translation
Minio as Self-Hosted S3-Alternative to Local File Storage
     Favorite Channels
     Standalone Web Server Mode
     Improved Slack Import
     Mattermost Docs Improvements
Coming Soon: Improved iOS and Android Apps

Note: Mattermost 3.5 includes security updates and upgrading is recommended.

Improved Performance on Mobile and Web

Release 3.5 adds significant improvements for increasing user experience performance, including:

  • Reduced loading times – Assets now load in parallel using HTTP2, paging added to UI and APIs
  • Mobile UI improvements – Larger, mobile-optimized menu buttons speed interactions
  • Faster server-side processing – Reduced CPU and database bottlenecks via caching and query optimization

Note: These performance improves required changes to Mattermost API. See changelog for details.

New mobile experience offers larger, easier-to-tap menu buttons. BEFORE on left, and AFTER on right.

Minio as Self-Hosted S3-Alternative to Local File Storage

It is lightweight and easy to set up in a few minutes. The Amazon S3 compatible API enables users to adopt any cloud environment, both on-premise and hosted. Minio even has advanced features like erasure code, bitrot and lambda notifications.

Huge thanks to harshavardhana for contributing the feature!

Russian Language Translation

Russian is our 11th language for Mattermost, expanding our software to another 150-250 million speakers.

This is one of the final major languages to arrive in Mattermost and we’re excited to be completing the set. Workplace messaging with Mattermost is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese and now Russian.

Thanks to the dozens of contributors who helped make the Russian release possible:

AlexanderK, alex_laskin, apskim, ArchRoller, Arthemy, avp, Bender_ASS, BerkutEagle, bernex, ch1ffa, CHERTS, cypa, daemon, EugeneT, felicson, ForestLynx, iamhere2, im, inovikov, Kamarado, kogan, mizghan, morozvv1986, ocean1, Olax, osipovnv, painhardcore, realrainer, samogot, Saturn, scherbakovds, Sergeyk, shadowmaster63, Shodan, slashme, Skey, Supme, wsWLeVTlq, xsander, yakovenkov, yk00

More than a dozen other language translations are currently in progress, including Polish, Italian, Norwegian, Indonesian and Breton. If you’d like to help, or volunteer to translate a new language, please join the Mattermost localization channel to meet the community and get started.

A special thanks also to our localization leads, in no particular order: William Gathoye (French), Christian Arnold (German), Rodrigo Corsi (Portuguese), Elias Nahum (Spanish), Midgard (Dutch), Ron Hartman (Dutch), Wai Yi Leung (Dutch), aeomin (Simplified Chinese), Tze-Kei Lee (Traditional Chinese), Ryo Onodera (Japan), Yusuke Nemoto (Japan), Hyeseong Kim (Korean) and Jinseoung Lee (Korean)

Favorite Channels

Save time with shortcuts to your favorite channels, now within easy reach on web, PC and mobile.

If you’ve got a busy sidebar, click the star beside the name of the channels you use the most and they will be moved to an easy-to-find Favorites section.

Big thanks to alsma for contributing this feature!

Standalone Web Server Mode

It’s now easier than ever to deploy Mattermost securely via Let’s Encrypt.

Mattermost 3.5 removes NGINX dependency with a “standalone web server” mode with auto-configuration of certificates via Let’s Encrypt. It gets us closer to making an Ubuntu/Debian package with seamless support for sudo apt-get install mattermost.

If you’d like to join an ongoing discussion about making a standalone package for Mattermost, please join us on our Mattermost channel for Installers and Images.


Improved Slack Import

Need to import from Slack? Then you’ll find several improvements in the new release, including support for:

  • Duplicate users
  • Slack channel topic and purpose
  • Comments on file uploads
  • Join/leave messages
  • Bot and integration messages
  • Channel linking
  • /me messages

Moreover, a new CLI command, slack_import, supports the import of a Slack export zip archive file.

Huge thanks to George Goldberg for working on many of these improvements! George did such fantastic job we offered him a permanent role as a core committer and he’ll be joining Mattermost, Inc. full time. If you’re a contributor interested in a new career in open source, please let us know!

If you want to try George’s Slack Advanced Exporter, which supports an official Slack team export with file uploads, you can try the export tool here.

Mattermost Docs Improvements

Very special thanks this release also to Jared Shields for wonderful new improvements to the Mattermost docs server, most importantly reorganizing documentation into separate guides and creating a new landing page for


Big thanks also to Jeff Schering who is currently working on style guides and first time user documentation. If you’re interested in contributing, let us know here.

Coming Soon: Improved iOS and Android Apps

New iOS and Android apps will be released soon, and have an improved user interface with Mattermost 3.5. Channel and account settings, and channel headers, are now full screen, and […] menu options are displayed larger for better usability.

We’re also working on new Mattermost mobile apps using React Native and Redux. If you’re interested in collaborating on the project, please join our Mattermost Native Apps discussion channel.

Thank you

Many thanks to all our other contributors this release. By project, in alphabetical order:











The Mattermost project is defined by the contributions of its community, and we’re incredibly grateful for the difference each of you has made.

We’d also like to welcome our newest members of Mattermost, Inc.:

More about Mattermost:

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Lindsay Brock is the former Head of Product for Mattermost, Inc. Prior to joining Mattermost in January 2015, she served as a product manager for SpinPunch, a Y Combinator-backed online gaming startup. Lindsay is an alumnus of the University of Waterloo, where she earned a bachelor of applied science degree in engineering.