Mattermost 4.0: Italian Language Support, a New Look & More Update

Ciao a tutti! Mattermost now offers Italian language support, helping 85 million Italian speakers feel more at home on our platform. Additionally, Mattermost 4.0 now has:

Our theme for the Mattermost 4 series is “Integration”. Today, there are over 80 open source projects built on Mattermost and we want to help grow that community wildly fast.

Thanks for all community contributions and in particular to our 4.0 MVPs prixone and sousapro who have made a huge impact in building a community in the Mattermost forums.

Mattermost 4.0 is now available for download. Since it includes security updates, upgrading is recommended. Check out all that’s included:

New Look and Default Theme

Install Mattermost 4.0 for an improved user experience.

Screenshot of New Look

New look offers new default theme colors and icons to stay contemporary

We have refreshed the design to be more professional in appearance with a new channel header and channel sidebar. You can also find an updated default theme and icons to stay contemporary.

Plus as an added bonus, emoji picker is now available to everyone by default. That means an easier access to our comprehensive set of emojis.

New Look Graphic

New Mobile Apps 

Last week we announced the release of our second-generation mobile app for iOS and Android offering greater speed, efficiency and reliability. Improvements over our first-generation release include:

  • Faster load times thanks to lower bandwidth requirements
  • Greater stability on weak network connections
  • High responsiveness from new native controls
  • Continuous improvement with a move to monthly releases

Screenshot of App

Greater responsiveness with new native controls. Swipe across image previews.

Plus we now have compatibility plans for all major EMM solutions starting with BlackBerry Dynamics on iOS and expanding to MobileIron and AirWatch in the future.

Second Generation Graphic

New Mattermost API v4 and Integrations Directory

A big advantage of Mattermost compared with closed source messaging platforms is that it integrates with existing apps and workflows through integrations developed by the open source community.

To make the Mattermost API web service more accessible and to offer more powerful options enabling a new generation of integrations, we are releasing Mattermost API v4. Highlights include:

  • Fully documented API endpoints
  • More in-depth access to server functionality
  • Wider use of established HTTP verbs
  • Consistent endpoint structures
  • A new and improved Go driver

We’ve also made it easier to find more than 80 open-source third-party apps with an Integrations DirectoryIf you’ve built an integration and are ready to share it with the community, please let us know!

API v3 is now in maintenance mode and will be removed on January 16, 2018. Find tips on migrating from API v3 to API v4 here.

Integrations Directory Graphic

Italian Language Support

Cari saluti ai nostri lettori italiani! We’ve added another hugely important language to Mattermost. There are 66 million Italian speakers in the world and we want the best workplace messaging platform to be available in their native tongue.

That brings the total number of languages supported by Mattermost to 14: English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish and now Italian.

Thanks to the dozens of contributors who helped make the Italian release possible, in particular Ema Panz and Michael Longo.

Italian Language Graphic

More than a dozen other language translations are currently in progress, including NorwegianIndonesian and Swedish. If you’d like to help, or volunteer to translate a new language, please join the Mattermost localization channel to meet the community and get started.

A special thanks also to our localization leads, in no particular order: aeomin (Simplified Chinese), Archie Roller (Russian), Carlos Panato (Portuguese), Christian Arnold (German), Elias Nahum (Spanish), Ema Panz (Italian), Kaya Zeren (Turkish), Michael Longo (Italian), Robert (Polish), Rodrigo Corsi (Portuguese), Ryo Onodera (Japanese), Tim Estermann (German), Tze-Kei Lee (Traditional Chinese), William Gathoye (French), and Yusuke Nemoto (Japanese).

 Enterprise E20: High Availability Upgrades

Mattermost 4.0 launches a new High Availability (HA) configuration that dynamically adds or removes nodes from the cluster making it easier to set up and maintain a cluster environment.

Servers are dynamically added or removed based on discovery and their cluster name using the hashicorp memberlist. When a server starts up it attempts to discover other servers in its cluster. When it shuts down, it leaves the cluster via a gossip command that lets the other servers know it has left.

Consequently you don’t have to modify each config.json to add the new server to the node cluster. You just have make sure that its config.json is identical to the others, and add it to NGINX config. No server restarts are required in that case. To learn more, see our documentation.

Community Integrations

Once again we are indebted to the broad Mattermost community for a significant number of integrations, making the V4.0 release even more exciting. If you’ve built one, or are working on one, please join our community channel for installers or community channel for integrations and apps hosted in our nightly builds server. We’d love to meet you and discuss your work.

When you’re ready to share it, please let us know!

Here are some of the top projects this month:

Python Driver Graphic

A new driver is available to support Mattermost APIv4 integrations written in Python. You can find the repository here and documentation here. Thanks to Christian Vaelor for this integration.

Bug Genie Graphic

The Bug Genie is a popular issue tracker, a great open source alternative to JIRA. It allows commits to update issues and provides friendly issue tracking support (burndown graphs, charts and estimation tools without additional plugins) for Scrum, Kanban and other agile processes.

Thanks to this integration by Shoreless Consulting you can now automatically post information from The Bug Genie to Mattermost.

Errbot Backend Graphic

APIv4 backend support is now available for the Errbot chatbot thanks to another great integration from Christian Vaelor.

GPU Monitoring Graphic

If you would like to monitor GPU usage for a system sending messages via webhooks you might like to try out this new tool from Marco Harrendorf.

Logback Adaptor Graphic

Deploy or download artifacts into a repository (for instance, you can deploy snapshot artifacts into repository) with this simple LOGBack appender from Raphael Borg Ellul Vincenti.

Upcoming Removed and Deprecated Features

Here’s a reminder of features that will be removed or deprecated (no longer supported) with upcoming releases.

  • System Console settings in Files > Images removed. This includes:
    • Image preview height and width
    • Profile picture height and width
    • Image thumbnail height and width
  • Font setting in Account Settings > Display removed.
  • Account Settings option Display > Teammate Name Display moved to the System Console.
  • All APIv3 endpoints are scheduled for removal on January 16, 2018.

For a complete list of past and upcoming deprecated features, see our website.

Thank You to Our Contributors

Many thanks to all of our other contributors to this release, listed in alphabetical order:

94117nl, abustany, acgustafson, alexrford, amyblais, asaadmahmood, ccbrown, coreyhulen, cpanato, crspeller, csduarte, dmeza, enahum, esethna, ftKnox, grundleborg, hmhealey, it33, jarredwitt, jasonblais, JeffSchering, jwilander, kjkeane, kkamdooong, lfbrock, lindalumitchell, megos, meilon, moonmeister, omar-dev, pichouk, pieterlexis, saturninoabril, tejasbubane, Vaelor, VeraLyu, yuya-oc, ZJvandeWeg

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Enterprise Edition

Mattermost Enterprise Edition E10 and E20 are commercial versions of Mattermost designed for large organizations backed by commercial support from Mattermost, Inc. and available by subscription. See the feature list for more detail.

Looking for help on install and upgrade? A subscription also entitles you to upgrade and installation help from Mattermost, Inc.

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Lindsay Brock is the former Head of Product for Mattermost, Inc. Prior to joining Mattermost in January 2015, she served as a product manager for SpinPunch, a Y Combinator-backed online gaming startup. Lindsay is an alumnus of the University of Waterloo, where she earned a bachelor of applied science degree in engineering.