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Mattermost 5.23: Automatic hyperlinking to Jira issues and more

Mattermost 5.23

Mattermost 5.23 includes improvements that will help your team collaborate more effectively:

  • Jira Plugin v2.4 – install our updated Jira Plugin to try out several UX improvements, including the ability to transition issues via a drop-down menu, automatic hyperlinking to Jira issues, and more
  • Plugin updates – get more done in Mattermost with updates to our GitHub and Autolink plugins
  • New customer portal – enjoy a smoother purchase experience with a new customer portal
  • Coming soon: PostgreSQL 9.4 deprecation – upgrade to PostgreSQL 10+ to ensure an optimal Mattermost environment

Try these new features by downloading Mattermost 5.23 today. Since it includes security updates, upgrading is recommended.

Note: Releases with odd minor version numbers (e.g., “5.23”) offer bug fixes and performance improvements. Releases with even minor version numbers (e.g., “5.24”) offer new features.

Thanks for all community contributions this month and in particular our 5.23 Most Valued Professional (MVP), Vladimir Lebedev, who’s made 35 lifetime contributions to the Mattermost project. Thank you, Vladimir!

Mattermost 5.23 MVP

Accelerate DevOps workflows with the updated Mattermost Jira Plugin

Ship software faster with the updated Mattermost Jira Plugin, which features several UX improvements, including:

  • The ability to easily transition a Jira issue status using a dropdown menu instead of typing a slash command
  • Easier navigation, with Jira issue codes (e.g., “MM-123”) automatically hyperlinked to the Jira issue itself
  • Ephemeral messages that display a Jira issue’s meta info once the issue is created
  • A new `/unassign` slash command that lets you remove the current assigned user

Thanks to Paulo Barros (@promulo), Allan Guwatudde (@aguwatudde), Sayantan Das (@itsme_sayantan), Mikael Karlsson, Bolarinwa Balogun, Seweryn Zeman for their contributions to make our Jira plugin even better!

Extend Mattermost with updated GitHub and Autolink plugins

Improve your Mattermost experience by installing or updating the following plugins:

GitHub Plugin

The GitHub Plugin now gives users the ability to create issues directly from Mattermost. Use this feature to streamline your DevOps workflows by logging bugs, requests and future discussions in GitHub; subscribe to GitHub repositories; and receive Mattermost direct messages for GitHub event notifications.

Note: The GitHub plugin will become available in the Plugin Marketplace shortly after v5.23 ships.

Thanks to @dhadiseputro for the code contribution!

Autolink Plugin

The Autolink Plugin automatically converts text matching a regular expression into a Markdown link. Previously, Autolink rules were global and applied to all teams and channels. Now, the rules can be restricted to a specific team or channel to provide more flexibility and a better user experience. This update is available in the Plugin Marketplace.

Thanks to Paweł Rozlach and Mo’men El-Zeiny for the Autolink changes!

A streamlined Mattermost purchasing experience

To improve the customer experience in purchasing and renewing Mattermost Enterprise Edition subscriptions, we’re happy to announce a new customer portal that will be enhanced over time.

The new portal saves time by supporting credit card purchases, serving as a central location to store and access your Mattermost license, and providing a historical record of subscription purchases.

In the future, the portal will:

  • Simplify renewals and expansions through a self-serve experience
  • Allow organizations to designate multiple account administrators
  • Enable the oversight of multiple licenses across different servers in the same organization

If you would like to purchase a new Mattermost Enterprise Edition subscription online, sign up for an account here. If you’re a current customer, you’ll be able to renew your subscription and purchase additional seats via the customer portal in the near future.

Ending support for PostgreSQL v9.4

PostgreSQL ended long-term support for version 9.4 in February. Mattermost will officially be supporting PostgreSQL version 10 with the Mattermost v5.26 release, and new installs will require PostgreSQL version 10.  

Previous Mattermost versions, including our current ESR, will continue to be compatible with PostgreSQL version 9.4. In our 6.0 release (date to be announced), we plan on fully deprecating PostgreSQL 9.4.

We highly recommend upgrading to PostgreSQL version 10+ by August. To upgrade, please follow the instructions under the Upgrading Section within the PostgreSQL documentation.

In case you missed it. . .

Thank you to our contributors

Mattermost 5.23 contributors
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Lindsay Brock is the former Head of Product for Mattermost, Inc. Prior to joining Mattermost in January 2015, she served as a product manager for SpinPunch, a Y Combinator-backed online gaming startup. Lindsay is an alumnus of the University of Waterloo, where she earned a bachelor of applied science degree in engineering.