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Together, Mattermost and GitLab make ChatOps more secure than ever before

Modern IT organizations are increasingly using ChatOps to operate critical business systems and move forward faster.

ChatOps is a new way of working that brings people, files, conversations and tools (via commands) together on a central enterprise messaging workspace, accelerating decision making and innovation while increasing agility.

Teams use ChatOps to administer systems like payroll, sales and CRM—all of which contain highly valuable and private information. That being the case, privacy-conscious organizations that use ChatOps need their messaging platform to create high-trust environments where people can communicate openly and transparently in a secure manner. This is perhaps most important for companies that rely on multiple remote teams spread out across the world.

To mitigate risks, preserve trade secrets and protect intellectual property, organizations need to keep the sensitive information that passes through ChatOps workflows protected behind their firewalls at all times. This data includes things like usernames, passwords and cryptographic keys, and, in the age of GDPR, customer-specific information. After all, a single leak or unexpected system outage can devastate even the most established businesses.

This is why privacy-conscious organizations that have adopted ChatOps workflows are increasingly moving away from SaaS messaging services, where critical data is hosted in the vendor’s cloud.

Still, today’s leading organizations need the scale and convenience cloud-based SaaS solutions provide.

There’s good news for organizations looking to deploy powerful messaging platforms without compromising on security or convenience: Thanks to modern technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, highly scalable self-hosted private cloud systems are now easier to set up and operate than ever before.

In fact, companies can use the same automated deployment and self-management technologies that power large cloud operators like Google and AWS.

These self-hosted private cloud systems—which enable organizations to retain complete control over their data and communications history—have a dramatically lower attack surface compared to public SaaS solutions.

In an effort to make it even easier to implement highly secure ChatOps workflows, we’re pleased to announce that Mattermost now supports an early preview of Kubernetes. We will also continue to support the GitLab Omnibus package, which Mattermost is bundled with.

Mattermost, the self-hosted open source enterprise messaging workspace, supports integrations with a number of popular systems, including GitLab. It’s the perfect ChatOps solution for self-hosted GitLab instances.

Head over to our docs to learn more about installing the Mattermost helm chart with GitLab.

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Corey Hulen is the CTO and co-founder of Mattermost, Inc., an open source platform for secure collaboration across the entire software development lifecycle. Prior to Mattermost, he founded Tempo AI, a machine intelligence startup spun out from Stanford Research Institute, which was acquired by Before that, Corey served as an engineering manager and architect for Microsoft Office in its enterprise software business across the SharePoint and Business Intelligence product lines. He is an alumnus of California Polytechnic State University.