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Mattermost v7.7 is now available

This new release includes the general availability of Calls and Mobile app v2, Channel message priority, Playbook runs in existing channels, Playbook task inbox, Board file attachments, drag-and-drop Boards sidebar, and an improved Boards template picker. 

Mattermost v7.7 is generally available today. With this latest release, we’ve added new functionality to help teams accelerate productivity while ensuring data and infrastructure control to reduce security and compliance risk. 

 The following new features are included (see changelog for more details):

  • Integrations: ServiceNow Channel integration, GitLab Playbooks integration
  • Calls: General availability
  • Channels: Mobile app v2 general availability, Message priority
  • Playbooks: Run playbooks in an existing channel, Task Inbox
  • Boards: File attachments, sidebar drag and drop, improved template picker


ServiceNow Integration

ServiceNow customers can now access and share their ServiceNow data from within Mattermost. This enables collaboration around key ITSM processes like Incident Response, Change Requests, and Problem Management.  

Customers can elect to receive notifications in Mattermost channels about these ITSM record types to provide instant collaboration and issue resolution.  Customers can also view and add comments on ServiceNow records and search and share ServiceNow records in Mattermost.

Mattermost v7.7: ServiceNow integration

In addition, when combined with Mattermost Playbooks, the Mattermost ServiceNow Integration provides a complete incident response solution that combines the quick and nimble collaborative process management of Mattermost Playbooks with the power of ServiceNow’s Incident Response system.

Mattermost v7.7: ServiceNow integration

ServiceNow Virtual Agent Integration

The Mattermost ServiceNow Virtual Agent Integration makes it easy for employees and customers to resolve issues fast and get what they need, when they need it, with ServiceNow’s AI-powered conversational chatbot running right inside Mattermost.

Mattermost v7.7: ServiceNow integration

You can watch a full demo of the Mattermost ServiceNow and Virtual Agent Integrations in the video below: 

GitLab Playbooks integration

Through the updated GitLab integration and playbook task actions, teams can automate release management processes to help increase efficiency and reduce errors. Any authorized team member can quickly understand the process and current status of a release, click task actions with specific commands, and monitor pipelines. 

Release teams can assign automation variables in Mattermost mapping to GitLab pipelines, allowing a non-technical Release Manager to kick off the right builds when all administrative tasks such as documentation are completed. For example, you can now configure Mattermost Playbook tasks to automatically update based on triggers from GitLab pipelines. Read more and download the plugin here.


Channel calls are now generally available

We are thrilled to announce that audio calling and screen sharing in channels is now generally available to all Mattermost customers. 

Channel calls are designed to be the most seamless way to meet in Mattermost. Perfect for use cases such as incident war rooms, office hours, social hangouts, and quick brainstorms. Since launching in public beta earlier this year, we’ve greatly expanded self-hosted deployment compatibility and improved reliability in Cloud while shipping features for both desktop and mobile such as emoji reactions, raise hand, and message threads.

Channel calls are ready for use out-of-the-box with a Cloud workspace, with up to 8 participants per call in Cloud Free or up to 200 in Cloud Professional and Enterprise. Call participants are not limited in self-hosted deployments. To get started with a self-hosted Calls installation, check out our documentation.

Mattermost v7.7: Calls


Next-generation mobile is now generally available

After a successful beta program, we are launching the redesigned Mattermost mobile to everyone. Mobile v2.0 is a major update to the iOS and Android apps bringing support for multiple servers, intuitive navigation, and a more stable and performant user experience.

Leveraging navigation patterns that users are familiar with in our desktop app, the new mobile app optimizes your most common workflows. Multi-server support (our most requested mobile feature) is now available, allowing you to navigate between multiple servers on your mobile device just as you can on your desktop. The home screen will feel more familiar, as team and channel navigation no longer require multiple taps in nested screens. You’ll also notice improved navigation to your most visited screens, including recent mentions, search, saved messages, and your profile, with the introduction of a tab bar.

Learn more about preparing for Mobile v2.0.

Mattermost Mobile 2.0

Message priority and acknowledgement

New message priority labels offer a way for senders to gain the attention of recipients for “Important” or “Urgent” messages that require timely reading or action, ensuring that your team stays aligned on critical projects and tasks. Additionally, as part of our Professional plan, senders can request acknowledgment to know when their messages have been received, and by who. For more information, please refer to the documentation.

Mattermost v7.7: Message priority


Run playbooks in an existing channel

Cutting down on noise to keep your team focused is essential to productivity. With that in mind, you now have the option to run playbooks without creating a new channel every time in order to reduce unnecessary overhead. 

In the channel right-hand sidebar, teams can now see the relevant processes that are currently in progress without leaving the context of the conversation. For example, our own feature team primarily collaborates in one central channel but may be in the middle of multiple feature development lifecycles, bug bash, and release processes at the same time. Rather than siloing the conversation into multiple channels, we can choose to keep it all in one place without losing track of who is doing what for each procedure.

Of course, teams can still choose to create a new channel when appropriate, such as high-severity incident response or need-to-know security audits. You can configure the default behavior for each specific playbook as well as choose what to do at run time. Learn more about how to run playbooks in an existing channel in our documentation.

Mattermost Playbooks

Task inbox

With multiple checklists running at once, it can be overwhelming to stay on top of every task that you are personally responsible for. That is why in addition to the daily digest, you can now view a task inbox from the global header bar while in Playbooks. This automatically pulls together every task assigned to you from every run that is in progress into one view so you can easily check off tasks, change due dates, or reassign tasks to someone else.

Learn more about task inbox in our documentation.

Mattermost Playbooks task inbox


File attachments

Boards now supports file attachments, including PDFs, images, videos, and any other file types. Upload all your relevant documents to Boards, and maintain a single source of truth for all your project files. Attach and share multiple files on a card, download individual files, and/or delete them when they’re no longer needed.

Learn more about how to attach files to a card.

Mattermost Boards file attachment

Sidebar drag and drop

Organize boards on your sidebar, your way. You can now drag and drop boards and categories on your sidebar, organizing them in any order you prefer. Boards and categories no longer have to remain in alphabetical order. To move a board or category, simply click and hold down on the item to activate drag and drop, then move the item to your new desired location before releasing your mouse.

Learn more about managing boards on your sidebar.

Mattermost Boards

Improved template picker

We’ve improved our template picker to make it easier for you to find the best template for your project. Our new UI reduces the need to scroll through the list of standard templates and displays the preview without any button overlays so you can get a full visual of the template before making your selection.

Learn more about board templates.

Mattermost Boards template picker

Mattermost v7.8 extended support release (ESR)

Due to our cancellation of the v7.6 December release, we are releasing all of the new latest features in January with v7.7. We have decided that our new ESR will be v7.8 released in February. v7.8 ESR will be supported until November 15, 2023.

We have also extended the support of v7.1 ESR to May 15, 2023.

Important upgrade notes

  • Plugins with a webapp component may need to be updated to work with Mattermost v7.7 release and the updated React v17 dependency. This is to avoid plugins crashing with an error about findDOMNode being called on an unmounted component. While our starter template depended on an external version of React, it did not do the same for “ReactDOM“. Plugins need to update their webpack.config.js directives to externalize ReactDOM. For reference, go here. Server-side only plugins are unaffected. This change can be done for existing plugins any time prior to upgrading to Mattermost v7.7 and is backwards compatible with older versions of Mattermost. If you run into issues, you can either enable ExperimentalSettings.PatchPluginsReactDOM or just disable the affected plugin while it’s updated.

Please refer to the Important Upgrade Notes for a full list of upgrade notes in the release.

Thank you to our contributors

Thanks for all community contributions this month and, in particular, our v7.7 Most Valued Professional (MVP), Julien Fabre with 46 lifetime contributions. Thank you for your continued contributions, Julien!

Mattermost 7.7 contributors

abhijit-singh, AbhinavVihan, adithyaakrishna, aeomin, Afsoon, agarciamontoro, AGMETEOR, agnivade, aiden, alauregaillard, andrewwutw, anurag6713, ariyonaty, arjitc, asaadmahmood, ashishbhate, AshishDhama, avas27JTG, avinashlng1080, axilleas, ayrotideysarkalexkuryshko, alexpjohnson, alzee, Amin913, amitpatelx3, amyblais, amynicol1985, andrewbrown00ar, ayusht2810, azigler, babinderrathi, ballista01, batebobo, belope, BenCookie95, BenLloydPearson, bpodwinski, calebroseland, cecilysullivan, ChandanChainani, chay, CI-YU, cinlloc, coltoneshaw, ConorMacpherson, cpoile, crspeller, cs4p, ctlaltdieliet, cwarnermm, cyrilzhang-mm, d-wierdsma, developbit, devinbinnie, dfun90, Drishti-jain21, DSchalla, dsharma522, dylanrichards, ehsandiary, Eleferen, ellisonleao, emmyni, enahum, EricssonLiu, esethna, Eugene-grb, Fjoerfoks, fmartingr, furqanmlk, gabor-boros, gabrieljackson, gbochora, Genei180, Gitnube, gkech, hanzei, harshilsharma63, henry-shxu, hereje, hionay, hmhealey, hokandil, homerCOD, Hunter-Thompson, idChef, ifoukarakis, Inutit, iomodo, irdiOL, isacikgoz, ivenkwan, iyampaul, JakobMiksch, javaguirre, jecepeda, jespino, jfrerich, jgilliam17, johnsonbrothers, jordanafung, josephbaylon, jprusch, JtheBAB, jufab, JulienTant, julmondragon, justinegeffen, jwilander, k4awon, kaakaa, kayazeren, kamre, Kaorw, kelderek, koox00, kostaspt, krisfremen, krmh04, ksankeerth, kyeongsoosoo, larkox, levb, lieut-data, ludovicobesana, lynn915, m-ripper, M-ZubairAhmed, m1lt0n, maddy8381, majo, manhdd610, Manishpandey11, manojmalik20, marianunez, maruTA-bis5, master7, mastersb, matt-w99, matthew-src, matthew-w, matthewbirtch, mattlam88, metanerd, mgdelacroix, mhd-sln, michaelgamble, michelengelen, michkrej, mickmister, milotype, mirshahriar, mkraft, Mshahidtaj, munish7771, muratbayan, mvitale1989, mylonsuren, nab-77, naggie, nathanaelhoun, neallred, neflyte, nevyangelova, nickmisasi, noxer, NuriInfos_JSK, ogi-m, oh6hay, PhilippeWeidmann, phoinixgrr, Pinjasaur, pjenicot, plant99, potatogim, prashant-15, PSyton, pvev, raghavaggarwal2308, Rajat-Dabade, redhoyasa, remyj38, RoyI99, s4kh,sadohert, sarz4fun, saturninoabril, satya-vinay, sbishel, seowglen, seoyeongeun, sgmadankar, ShajithaMohammed, simcard0000, sinansonmez, sk409, spirosoik, sri-byte, srkgupta, stafot, streamer45, stylianosrigas, sumanpaikdev, svbnbyrk, tanmay-des, tboulis, tiagocorreiaalmeida, toomore, trilopin, tsabi, varghesejose2020, varunKT001, VictorAssunc, vish9812, vitorcruzfaculdade, vivekkj123, wget, wiersgallak, wiggin77, WilliamLongKing, Willyfrog, witjem, wuwinson, Yakikim, yasserfaraazkhan, yegorov-p, zefhemel, ziriuz84, zuhairHussain, ZurabBalamtsarashvili

Upgrade to Mattermost Release 7.7

To upgrade your existing server to the new release, go here. Review the Important Upgrade Notes to make sure you are aware of any actions you need to take before or after upgrading from your particular version.

If you’re new to Mattermost, sign up to try Mattermost for free and install a self-hosted server.


Katie Wiersgalla is the Senior Product Manager at Mattermost, Inc. who has a history of driving agile transformation at software companies. Previously, she led product teams at Authenticom, Inc., holding several positions there, including VP of Product. Katie earned a bachelor's degree from Viterbo University, where she graduated magna cum laude.