Choose secure collaboration for your enterprise business

Mattermost Enterprise Edition is built for scalability and offers enhanced access controls and advanced functionality modern enterprises require.

Advanced Access Controls

Mattermost Enterprise Edition includes robust access controls that ensure only authorized individuals are able to access sensitive messaging and collaboration data. We organize these controls into two groups:

  • User provisioning and authentication
  • Permissions

Collaboration focused on Security and Compliance

Connect your entire organization with an open source collaboration platform that scales securely.

  • Native audio calling & screenshare
  • Real-time and async messaging with integrated voice and video
  • File, image, and link sharing
  • Rich Markdown formatting

Scalable Collaboration Software for Enterprise

Mattermost is built for scale. In most scenarios, organizations can run Mattermost on a single server with up to 2,000 users. For deployments between 2,000 and 10,000 users, organizations can run a three-machine configuration with a proxy, an application server, and a database server.

Enterprise Collaboration with Advanced Workflows

Mattermost Enterprise Edition also includes a number of features designed to help technical and operations teams collaborate more effectively. These include:

  • Message acknowledgement
  • Guest accounts
  • Read-only announcement channels
  • System-wide announcement banners
  • Shared channels

Playbooks for Enterprise Workflows

Playbooks are available to all Mattermost users. However, Enterprise Edition customers have access to several features that make Playbooks even more powerful, including:

  • Granular Playbook permissions
  • Add due dates to tasks
  • Run Timeline
  • Analytics dashboards
  • Custom retrospective reports

Mattermost Technical Support for Enterprise

Mattermost offers a variety of support options for customers and members of our community. Mattermost Enterprise Edition customers benefit from round-the-clock support, 24/7, via email and online tickets with a promised four-hour response time.

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