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Why we built Mattermost Cloud

Mattermost Cloud offers our trusted Mattermost self-managed collaboration platform as a software-as-a-service and removes the burden of administration.

Organizations are adopting cloud strategies and moving to cloud software. There are costs associated with hosting and securing software, especially in a highly available environment. Deploying and maintaining a self-hosted environment requires expertise and an upfront investment of infrastructure. Upgrades require downtime and can be time-consuming for some who require rigorous testing. 

Security and privacy are paramount to us. Our Mattermost platform has served privacy-conscious organizations since our inception. Self-hosting provides total data control and isolation. With security and privacy core to our fabric, we approached our Cloud offerings differently than other SaaS collaboration providers. 

Secure SaaS collaboration for easy deployment without worry 

We built our Cloud Enterprise offering as the most secure hosted solution available. Each Mattermost Cloud Enterprise instance is deployed in a private environment within an AWS VPC dedicated to a single customer. Within that VPC, all the required resources to run, monitor, and administer Mattermost are deployed in isolation. These resources include a dedicated RDS Aurora database cluster and a dedicated Kubernetes cluster, deployed across multiple availability zones and managed by Kubernetes experts. 

Mattermost Cloud Enterprise offers the isolation, security, and control of self-hosted editions but without the burden of managing deployment, maintaining uptime, or applying upgrades. Future releases will provide data residency options and enterprise network integration with VPC Peering.

Our commitment to secure collaboration for all

Our cloud had benefits for our self-managed customers as well. Our server releases will be cloud tested, meaning features will be tested and vetted by our cloud customers before they are released ensuring greater stability. We’ve developed and open-sourced our Kubernetes operator, which is used by our Cloud teams to deploy our SaaS product so that on-premises customers can easily deploy and manage their on-prem installations. 

Our Cloud team’s work represents just some of the ways we’ve continued to invest in security and privacy initiatives at Mattermost. We’ve also recently gotten our SOC2 Type 1 certification which validates our organization’s security controls. We will be pursuing our SOC2 Type 2 in the upcoming year. In addition, we have a bug bounty program through Hacker One, follow a responsible disclosure policy for the community to confidentially report security issues so they can be addressed by Mattermost in collaboration with the reporter prior to releasing and documenting security updates publicly and are a member of the CVE Program to maintain an international, open data registry of security vulnerabilities. 

Try Mattermost Cloud today

We are very excited about the opportunity to serve more customers and serve our existing customers better. Mattermost Cloud Professional, the full-featured SaaS collaboration platform, is generally available now. You can get started today for free. Mattermost Cloud Enterprise, the high-trust SaaS deployment option in a single-tenant, dedicated infrastructure, is available in beta. Contact Sales to learn how you can start a proof of concept.

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Katie Wiersgalla is the Senior Product Manager at Mattermost, Inc. who has a history of driving agile transformation at software companies. Previously, she led product teams at Authenticom, Inc., holding several positions there, including VP of Product. Katie earned a bachelor's degree from Viterbo University, where she graduated magna cum laude.