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What Matters, Episode 15: Open Source Fridays with Joram Wilander

Mattermost is and always has been dedicated to Open Source. From the beginning, our engineers have used, contributed to, built, and given back to the Open Source projects. Now we are doing it in an organized way! In this episode, PJ sits down with Senior Engineering Lead Joram Wilander to talk about his new Open …

How We’ve Built an Open Source Community at Mattermost

Our community has been at the heart of what makes Mattermost great since the earliest days. The first community members were people who were trying out the earliest versions of the platform, filing bugs and wanting to make feature improvements. Our open source community has grown, contributing thousands of pull requests, from new features and …

Introducing Open Source Fridays

We’re excited to share that Mattermost has launched Open Source Fridays as a way to help our Engineering team have a structured opportunity to support and get involved in more open source projects inside and outside of Mattermost. Why supporting open source is important to Mattermost Mattermost is built using a wide swath of open …

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