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Open Source Tech

From the languages we’ve built our platform on to the applications we use every day, open source technology makes Mattermost run. We’re always exploring new open source tech, tools, and projects. Read more about the open source technology and trends that the Mattermost team and Community are excited about.

The Build Newsletter

The rise of protestware in open source repos: The April 2022 Build

Everything You Need to Know about K3s: Lightweight Kubernetes for IoT, Edge Computing, Embedded Systems & More

gin vs echo

Choosing a Go Framework: Gin vs. Echo

deploy Mattermost to AWS with Opta

How to Deploy Mattermost on AWS Via Opta


How to Build Your Open Source Productivity Stack

Your team is already using open source software every day. Learn how to build the best OSS productivity stack.

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open source projects to contribute to in 2022

Open Source Projects to Contribute to in 2022

open source matters 6

The European Union Embraces Open Source: Open Source Matters

Single Static Assignment Go Compiler

Diving Into Static Single Assignment With the Go Compiler

openssf open source matters

$10M Funding for OpenSSF, Using AI to Innovate 3D Printing, and More Open Source News - Open Source Matters

product documentation tech stack

An Introduction to Mattermost’s Product Documentation Tech Stack

The Open Source Story Behind Mattermost Boards

how we use mattermost to build mattermost

How We Use Mattermost to Build Mattermost

How React Native Made Me Love Mobile-First Development

DevSecOps: Collaborate Confidently with Open Source Tools

Mattermost Community

GitHub’s New Legal Support For Developers, and Loads of New Open Source Projects - Open Source Matters


Automate EKS Node Rotation for AMI Releases

Mattermost Community

Maintainers Need Your Support, Microsoft Further Embraces Linux, and more: Open Source Matters

Kubernetes Custom Resources

Migrating Thousands of Cloud Instances to New Kubernetes Custom Resources

Open Source Tech

Supply Chain Security & Robotic Heads: Open Source Matters

Open Source Tech

Pandemic Response, Maintainership, and Funding: Open Source Matters