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Mattermost 5.18: ID-only option for push notifications (E20), one-click plugin updates, mark posts as unread, and more

Mattermost 5.18 ships with new features designed to improve security and help your team work more efficiently:

Try these new features by downloading Mattermost 5.18 today. Since it includes security updates, upgrading is recommended.

Thanks for all community contributions this month and in particular our 5.18 MVP, larcox, who submitted several pull requests, including lots of great Cypress work for UI automation. This brings their total lifetime contributions to Mattermost up to 47. Thank you, larcox!

We also wanted to express our gratitude to all the community members who participated in our spectacular hackathon last month. Huge thanks for your contributions and support! 

Support high-end, zero-trust mobile push notification configurations (E20)

Currently, push notification message content passes through Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) or Google Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) before it reaches a device. This potentially presents a problem for organizations with ultra-strict security and compliance requirements.

With a new ID-only option, available to E20 customers, message contents can now be fetched directly from the server once a push notification is delivered to a device. APNS and FCM can’t read push notifications since only a unique message ID is sent in each notification payload. While message content will take slightly longer to send, this feature helps organizations meet advanced compliance requirements.

Learn more about push notifications.

Upgrade installed plugins in one click in between server upgrades

It’s now easier than ever to upgrade installed plugins without leaving Mattermost.

When an updated version of an installed plugin rolls out to the Plugin Marketplace, administrators can now upgrade to the new version between server updates with the click of a button.

Read more about the Plugin Marketplace.

Keep track of important messages by marking posts as unread

Stay on top of important messages with a new feature that lets you mark posts as unread. After doing so, users will automatically land on the unread post the next time they click on the relevant channel.

This feature, which was highly requested by our community, is particularly useful when users are busy or on-the-go and want to easily return to or follow up on messages in the future. 

Increase developer productivity with a deeper Jira integration

Our updated Jira 2.3 plugin includes new features that will help development teams work more efficiently together:

  • The ability for channel administrators to create multiple Jira notification subscription rules per channel (e.g., users can route notifications from multiple Jira projects into a single channel)
  • A filtering interface for Jira issues that helps reduce the noise in each channel 

Learn more about the Mattermost Jira plugin.

Manage Mattermost servers with a new remote CLI tool

Earlier this year, we released a new remote CLI tool called mmctl that enables system admins to control and manage Mattermost via commands when they don’t have conventional access to servers via SSH. If admins can access Mattermost servers from their browsers or their phones, they can also access them with mmctl.

The tool, which is installed on local machines and then authenticated with either login credentials or authentication tokens, is now in beta and supports additional Mattermost CLI commands, and we continue to add support for even more. It will ship as part of the Mattermost product in a future release.

Check out the repo for more.

View, share, and search for content in archived channels

Many Mattermost users like to keep their sidebars decluttered so it’s easier to stay focused on the most pressing issues and topics. This is the main reason why channels for things like resolved incidents and completed projects often get archived.

Now, users can view, share, and search archived channels and easily refer back to old discussions about incidents, projects, and more thanks to a new feature in beta that ships with Mattermost 5.18.

Admins can enable this feature in the System Console to try it out. Find out how.

Provision guest accounts directly from AD/LDAP and SAML (EE)

In October, we announced that Enterprise Edition customers could create guest accounts to easily collaborate with contractors and consultants.

Today, we’re announcing that admins can now provision guests directly from AD/LDAP (E10 and E20) or SAML (E20) upon logging in. 

Sensitive messaging data will remain secure, as guests will only be able to access the teams and channels they’re assigned to.

Read more about guest accounts.

Improve compliance with an updated Actiance export tool (E20)

We’ve updated our Actiance export tool with new configuration settings, including post/file deletion and edit events. 

Now, it’s even easier to track data within the Vantage reporting interface to meet compliance requirements.

Learn more about our compliance export feature.

AD/LDAP Group sync now in beta (E20)

Our AD/LDAP Group sync feature, available to E20 customers, has graduated from an experimental feature to a beta feature

If your organization onboards a lot of users at once or onboards users frequently, this feature makes the whole process a lot faster. 

Similarly, when a user is removed from a specific group, they are automatically removed from associated teams and channels.

Learn more about AD/LDAP group sync.

Thank you to our contributors

Mattermost 5.18 - Contributors

3mard, a8uhnf, aaronrothschild, abdusabri, aeomin, AGMETEOR, agnivade, akshaychhajed, ali-farooq0, allenlai18, alxsah, amyblais, andresoro, anindha, AninditaBasu, arjitc, asaadmahmood, ashishbhate, avasconcelos114, bradjcoughlin, brewsterbhg, bvineyar, cardoso, catalintomai, chapa, chetanyakan, chikei, chuttam, cinlloc, cjohannsen81, cometkim, comharris, cpanato, cpoile, cpurta, crspeller, deanwhillier, der-test, devinbinnie, DHaussermann, drekar, DSchalla, enahum, enolal826, ethervoid, etoaster, FlaviaBastos, fm2munsh, focusonmx, g3rv4, gabrieljackson, gigawhitlocks, goku321, gruceqq, grundleborg, gupsho, hahmadia, hanzei, harshilsharma63, hectorskypl, HilalNazli, hmhealey, icelander, ilgooz, imisshtml, iomodo, ishanray, ivanvc, jabshire, jasonblais, jaydeland, jespino, jfrerich, jgbaylon, jimiolaniyan, johnthompson365, joshuabezaleel, jozuenoon, justinegeffen, jwilander, kaakaa, kanozec, karlmarxlopez, Kaya_Zeren, kdenz, kosgrz, KuSh, larkox, last-partizan, Lena, levb, lieut-data, lindalumitchell, M-ZubairAhmed, m4ver1k, malaDev, manland, marianunez, MathewtheCoder, meilon, mgdelacroix, michaelschiffmm, mickmister, migbot, mkraft, mlongo4290, natalie-hub, nathanmkaya, niklabh, nrekretep, Pomyk, pqzx, pradeepmurugesan, promulo, PunitGr, r4zorgeek, RajatVaryani, reflog, rfoyard, rodcorsi, rvillablanca, SamWolfs, saneletm, saturninoabril, sbishel, scottleedavis, Sheshagiri, sij507, sphr, srkgupta, sstaszkiewicz-copperleaf, steevsachs, streamer45, stylianosrigas, sudheerDev, sunsingerus, svelle, thePanz, TonPC64, TQuock, uhlhosting, unlikelygeek, valentijnnieman, ventz, vinicio, wget, wiersgallak, wiggin77, Willyfrog, wlsf82, YuikoTakada

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Lindsay Brock is the former Head of Product for Mattermost, Inc. Prior to joining Mattermost in January 2015, she served as a product manager for SpinPunch, a Y Combinator-backed online gaming startup. Lindsay is an alumnus of the University of Waterloo, where she earned a bachelor of applied science degree in engineering.