ServiceNow App

by Mattermost

The new integration enables you to create new ServiceNow incidents from Mattermost


ServiceNow is a platform commonly used for IT ticketing and customer or employee experience tracking. It is a powerful platform that can be used across an entire organization to allow employees to approve workflows, file requests for customer support, and replace their keyboards via your IT team. ServiceNow can even be used to automate CI/CD pipelines for DevOps teams and provide faster time from planning to deployment.

The new Mattermost ServiceNow App is the first app created using the new App Framework. It runs in a serverless hosting environment and allows for the creation of tickets and notifying channels of the new incidents.

ServiceNow is great for keeping track of incidents and incoming requests for support agents. But not everyone has a ServiceNow account, which makes communicating ticket status with the engineering team difficult.

The ServiceNow app, which makes it easy to create new Tickets in ServiceNow from within Mattermost. Support Agents can leverage a channel message from a customer or employee and transform it into an actionable ticket in ServiceNow easily. The integration makes it easy to log these new tickets whether the support agents are in the field on their mobile phones, or logging IT tickets from their desktop. Mattermost’s DevOps collaboration platform makes sure ServiceNow issues get the attention they deserve and move to resolution quickly.

App Components

/servicenow create
/servicenow connect
/servicenow config


Do I need to be a ServiceNow admin to install this?

Yes, you will need a ServiceNow Administrator account to complete the setup of this integration.

Can any Mattermost users connect to ServiceNow?

Yes, any Mattermost user with a ServiceNow account can connect using this app.

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