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From implementing new technologies and developing new features, to squashing bugs and optimizing workflows, developers are constantly looking for ways to work more productively. Learn how to tackle engineering challenges, improve productivity, and explore new technologies in these articles. 

Graph neural networks are all you need

Dynamic routing in Next.js using REST and GraphQL APIs

JSON web token (JWT) authentication in NodeJS applications

Software supply chain security: How to audit a security bill of material (SBOM)

guide to developer productivity

Unblocking Workflows: The Guide to Developer Productivity in 2022

Fragile workflows slowing you down? Learn how to break through productivity blockers and ship code faster.

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How to create a full CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins

Building CRUD GraphQL APIs in Go

Monitoring EC2 with Prometheus

Monitoring with Prometheus on AWS EC2

Why you need to think about internationalization before you start developing software

The quickest way to integrate Mattermost into your GitLab release pipeline

How to add Google and GitHub Login to Next.js App with NextAuth and Typescript

Building applications using Go: Tips and tricks to tie it all together

Integration testing with GitLab CI and Docker

CSS Modules: How do they work in Vue?

Infrastructure as Code: A Peek into Power of Terraform

How to implement a mature incident response strategy

user authentication angular frontend

User Authentication with the Django Rest Framework and Angular: Setting Up Your Angular Frontend

User Authentication with the Django Rest Framework and Angular

How to orchestrate your Django application with Kubernetes

How AIOps enhances operational efficiency