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From implementing new technologies and developing new features, to squashing bugs and optimizing workflows, developers are constantly looking for ways to work more productively. Learn how to tackle engineering challenges, improve productivity, and explore new technologies in these articles. 

Trusted Device Authentication 101

choosing a javascript testing framework

Choosing a JavaScript testing framework: Jest vs. Jasmine vs. Mocha

kotlin vs java

Kotlin versus Java: Comparing and contrasting

Concurrency in Golang: Building a Data Pipeline for Monitoring Microservices from Scratch

guide to developer productivity

Unblocking Workflows: The Guide to Developer Productivity in 2022

Fragile workflows slowing you down? Learn how to break through productivity blockers and ship code faster.

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Using React with TypeScript

Jenkins CI/CD pipeline

How to Set up a Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline for Your Golang App

SaaS architecture single-tenant application

Building a SaaS Architecture with a Single Tenant Application

Golang app testing

Everything You Need to Know About Golang App Testing

python doctest and unittest

Testing Python: Understanding Doctest and Unittest

How to Unit Test with Python

Flask vs. Django

Flask Versus Django: Which Python Framework Is Right for You?

gin vs echo

Choosing a Go Framework: Gin vs. Echo

How to Get Started with JavaScript Unit Testing

Python Flask Heroku web app

Deploying a Web App with Python Flask and Heroku

deploy Mattermost to AWS with Opta

How to Deploy Mattermost on AWS Via Opta

How to Use Redis at Scale with Golang and Kubernetes

Neovim and Lua

Turning Neovim into a Full-Fledged Code Editor with Lua


How to Install and Set Up Neovim for Code Editing

Chimera OAuth2 Proxy

Chimera: Painless OAuth for Plugin Frameworks