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From implementing new technologies and developing new features, to squashing bugs and optimizing workflows, developers are constantly looking for ways to work more productively. Learn how to tackle engineering challenges, improve productivity, and explore new technologies in these articles. 

Building CLI applications in Go with Cobra

An Introduction to gRPC

testing OpenAPI with Schemathesis

OpenAPI testing with Schemathesis and Golang

How to deploy a react app to Kubernetes with Docker

How to deploy a React app to Kubernetes using Docker

guide to developer productivity

Unblocking Workflows: The Guide to Developer Productivity in 2022

Fragile workflows slowing you down? Learn how to break through productivity blockers and ship code faster.

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How to Break Stuff with Chaos Engineering and Chaos Mesh


Beginner’s Guide to NumPy

how to create a chatops bot

How to create your ChatOps bot

Design Principles behind scalable web apps

The design principles behind scalable web apps

Easy Kubernetes metrics and cluster management with K9s, Kubectx, and Kubens

A guide to static analysis in JavaScript and TypeScript

Git for non-developers

Git for non-developers

Pre- and post-deployment testing methodologies for CI/CD

Use GitHub Actions securely

How to use GitHub Actions securely

grafana dashboard kubernetes observability

Building a custom Grafana dashboard for Kubernetes observability

sphinx extensions

Enhancing our users' documentation journey, one Sphinx extension at a time

Lessons learned while scaling Collapsed Reply Threads

Deploy a serverless Flask app with Zappa and Amazon RDS

Beginners Guide to GUI Development with Python and Tkinter

How to audit node.js modules

How to audit Node.js modules