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Designed to help technical teams master their digital operations

Solutions for secure collaboration across your tools and teams.

Helping developers improve their collaboration

Designed to help teams master their digital operations, from roadmap and sprint planning to product launch and support. Mattermost brings together team communication, collaboration, and workflow orchestration across your tools and teams so you can stay aligned — all the time.

mattermost solutions helping devs solve problems

Secure Collaboration

Keep every activity private with the world’s only open source collaboration platform that you can host yourself or in a secure cloud instance.

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Accelerate Productivity

Accelerate the productivity of your technical teams with a purpose-built collaboration platform.

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Error Reduction

Decrease risk and error rates with a closed-loop reliability platform to continuously improve response.

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Workflow Orchestration

Build and run sophisticated workflows with advanced automation and deep integrations with the tools you use every day.

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Incident Resolution

Resolve incidents quickly and reduce your time to resolution with customizable playbooks, notifications, automated tasks, post-mortem tools, and more.

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IT Service Desk

Open the lines of communication from your customers to your engineers by bringing collaboration into your IT service management workflows.

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Agile Development

Ship better code faster with solutions designed to boost your productivity and support continuous iteration.

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Keep your team agile with collaboration, automation, and deep integrations with the tools you use to manage your releases.

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Test & QA

Improve visibility across dev and ops during the QA process so you can catch problems before they hit production.

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Application & Network Performance Monitoring

Turn alerts into action by connecting your people, processes, and automations to your monitoring tools.

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Run your processes collaboratively with commands in-line and transparent workflows — from dev to ops.

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Remote Work

Keep teams connected wherever they are with messaging, playbooks, and project management solutions that support both synchronous and asynchronous work.

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